Our impact on business in Africa through the partnership with E4Impact

23 January 2023  officine_admin 

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are not only the brands we use to get through to our target audiences, they represent two companies which take into high consideration the value of work and of the impact work can have on society.  

As a result of this, we have established an ongoing partnership with E4Impact, a Foundation whose aim is to help local people to be trained and to generate new work opportunities across the territory. 

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What is E4impact? Projects to create new work opportunities in Africa

E4Impact is a foundation involved in several multilateral projects conceived to promote the financial growth and the development of supply chains in Africa, which relies on its capillary presence all over Africa and on its wide network of partners. 


Coherently with its mission, history and expertise, the Foundation focuses on high impact business projects in the following sectors:

  • Waste management: projects aimed at improving the supply chain in the field of waste disposal, in partnership with local municipalities. 
  • Health System: it supports companies operating in the Health sector to help them improve their social impact 
  • Women Empowerment: promotes initiatives suppoting female entrepreneurship 
  • TIC: projects boosting TIC businesses and/or use them as drivers for the growth of the local businesses 
  • Migrants: it promotes businesses set up by migrants in Europe and/or projects aimed at re-integrating migrants in their original countries through the creation of new work opportunities 
  • Agribusiness: it supports projects focusing on sustainable farming to boost financial development and food safety 


E4Impact knows African business ecosystems very well, thanks to the activity of its 7 offices located in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Tunisia, Uganda and Zimbabwe, and to the MBA courses organized in 18 African Countries. This has allowed the Foundation to design initiatives aligned with the ONU 2030 Agenda, intended to be significantly relevant for the local communities. Over the last few years, they have managed to implement 31 projects, they have trained 1321 entrepreneurs through their MBA programme, with women entrepreneurs accounting for 33% of the whole group. 


What is Carvico going with E4Impact? The Carvico Etiopia Plc project

Carvico's Africa project

Carvico has decided to actively cooperate with E4Impact, not only by supporting their existing projects, but introducing its own. In 2017, indeed, we established Carvico Etiopia Plc, an ambitious venture aimed a contributing significantly to the development of a promising country, more specifically of the Amhara region in Ethiopia. 


The local labours is supported also through welfare programmes which have led to the creation of the following:

  • Creation of an internal infirmary with diagnostic and specialistic equipment from Italy;
  • Creation of a corporate canteen offering a balanced and programmed diet;
  • Sport and social activities, including the creation of a football team which has already won a local tournament.


We followed the design and creation of the project with special attention since through this investment with intend to contribute, in a responsible and sustainable way, to the growth of the local territory. 

«Supporting E4Impact – claimed Mrs Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, President and CEO of the Carvico Group– in their training campaigns dedicated to African entrepreneurs means contributing and concretely affecting the growth of a country with a really high potential. […] We are proud of having designed and set up  Carvico Ethiopia Plc while safeguarding the environment and valuing staff members, the majority of whom have been selected and trained locally, with the aim to increase professional training within the Amhara region and Ethiopia in general ».


This partnership between Carvico SpA and the Foundation is our way to translate our business philosophy into facts: we have decided to support the growth and development of a continent not only because we believe it is fair to share part of our success, but also because the territory we are talking about represents, from several points of view, the future of Europe.  Thus, promoting a sustainable development of emerging countries, contributing to the creation of a new generation of businesspeople, means having a high social and environmental impact there, and also establish crucial relationships for the future of our continent.  

Working is a wonderful game

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