Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution

On March 15th and 16th, Carvico participated in Performance Days in Munich: the trade fair dedicated to fabrics for sportswear, beachwear, athleisure, and workwear. Since 2008, this event has been the place where over 385 of the most important international fabric manufacturers showcase materials and collections, demonstrating the latest developments and innovations, with a strong focus on sustainable technical fabrics.

Let's delve into how this theme was addressed and the performance of Carvico's lines and references.

Why Choose Sustainable Technical and Sportswear?

The sportswear industry plays a crucial role in protecting the planet and our ecosystem, making it essential to support the development of sustainable materials to reduce environmental impact throughout the production chain. Sustainable sports fabrics not only contribute to conserving natural resources but are also designed to last, reducing the need for frequent replacement and, consequently, generating less waste. They offer better performance due to the use of advanced technologies and innovative materials, ensuring maximum comfort during physical activities.

Carvico’s Sustainable Technical Fabrics

Within the Carvico family, there are many eco-conscious lines that offer high performance without compromising the protection of our planet. They represent the ideal choice for athletes seeking high-quality, sustainable technical clothing that delivers excellent performance and uncompromised comfort.

In the category of stretch-resistant fabrics, Carvico presented Brisbane REC at the fair, a technical fabric made from recycled polyester yarn. This type of sports material is designed for sustainable and youthful sportswear, characterized by bright colors and a soft texture. It is ideal for creating technically stylish pieces such as tops, leggings, and sporty shorts.

Among Carvico’s offerings is Norway, an Eco fabric with a soft brushed effect and exceptional comfort against the skin. Its excellent breathability and thermal insulation properties make it perfect for creating long-sleeved sporty shirts and cycling vests. Composed of ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon thread made from pre and post-consumer waste materials such as fishing nets, carpet fluff, and rigid tulle, it represents a high-tech product.

Many references were brought to the fair, including Vuelta, an innovative brushed technical fabric designed for outdoor workouts and demanding sports like skiing and snowboarding. Its soft, heat-insulating embrace and bacteriostatic treatment that facilitates natural sweat evaporation make this Carvico technical fabric perfect for thermal sweaters.

Staying on the theme of innovation, there’s Artica, a bi-elastic brushed technical fabric with a special cocoon-effect weave, even richer and more comfortable. Inspired by the coat of a polar bear, it is made from hundreds of hollow microfilaments that continuously regulate the athlete’s temperature and reduce energy consumption. Its extreme performance is perfect for making cycling bibs.

Aosta and Colorado couldn’t be left out. The latter is one of Carvico’s historical references, intended for the production of sportswear such as long-sleeved hiking shirts, providing resistance and UV protection in a bi-elastic micro polyamide fabric. Meanwhile, Aosta, whose name already conveys a strong connection with snowy mountains and nature, is the perfect bonded technical fabric for an outdoor winter. The combination of performance, technique, and comfort is expressed through a soft brushed finish for items like windstopper jackets.

In summary, opting for sustainable technical and sportswear is a conscious and responsible choice that allows you to reconcile the need for functionality with environmental protection. Thanks to our innovative sports fabrics, both professionals and amateurs can train and compete with the utmost freedom of movement, without any restrictions.