Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Nature has its rights,
it is our duty to listen to it.


Promoting environmental responsibility means investing in the present to live in the future, and for many years, at Carvico, we have implemented innovative environmental policies aimed at creating a truly sustainable production chain, from beginning to end, to contribute to the circular economy model.

A corporate vision through which we place respect for people and the environment at the center of our development. We are committed to safeguarding the health of our employees, local communities, and the global ecosystem through concrete sustainability projects.

Code of Ethics

A new commitment to nature.

  • Cutting-edge technologies
    Refine production processes by introducing the use of cutting-edge technologies to monitor, reduce, and eliminate waste and pollutants.
  • Transparent Data
    Certify environmental results achieved through sustainable production with transparent data.
  • Eco-friendly raw materials.
    Demonstrate a genuine interest in researching and using new eco-friendly raw materials such as recycled yarns.
  • International eco-friendly projects.
    Support significant international eco-friendly projects aimed at environmental conservation.
  • Local Communities
    Contribute to the social and economic development of local communities.
  • Awareness
    Raise awareness among our employees and customers about environmental responsibility.

Code of Ethics


Carvico’s Code of Ethics, inspired by the principles of Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, and Transparency, Social and Environmental Responsibility, aims to be a tool for disseminating the company’s values, culture, and identity. At the same time, it serves as a true “moral contract” to which all internal and external stakeholders of the company are bound.

By adhering to the Code of Ethics, recipients accept its rules and commit to adopting and promoting behaviors inspired by its principles.

Any violations may result in disciplinary measures and the termination of contractual relationships.

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Anti-corruption Procedure ↓

Years of study, analysis, constant modifications, and updates have been invested, but now Carvico’s production site is truly an example of excellence in sustainable production and intelligent, successful ecological entrepreneurship. Here’s how and why.


In production, we use energy derived exclusively from renewable sources. The replacement of all mercury vapor lamps with the latest generation of lamps, the introduction of inverters, LEDs, high-efficiency motors, and improvements to the weaving facilities have further reduced energy consumption.

  • 3.774.250 kwh

    of energy saved compared to 2012, equivalent to the electricity consumption for domestic use per capita in one year by over 5575 people.
  • 17,07%

    reduction in electricity - since 2012 - needed to produce 1 kg of fabric.

Energy Co-Production

In 2013, with the installation of an advanced co-generation plant, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina successfully tackled the challenge of self-producing electricity, reducing energy resource consumption through the use of methane gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available.

  • 10.500.000 kwh

    of self-produced electricity in one year, equivalent to what is needed to illuminate 15 Eiffel Towers for a year.


In full compliance with European regulations and national and regional laws, we have implemented an advanced homogenization system that treats wastewater before it enters the consortium’s wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, we have developed a sophisticated system for separating rainwater from domestic and industrial wastewater.

  • 658.941 m3

    Amount of recovered and reused water in one year, equivalent to the annual needs of approximately 9,700 people.

Water cycle

The incoming water in Carvico, taken from wells, is used for four production cycles and is finally collected in the internal homogenization plant at Carvico. Only after an equalization treatment is it introduced into the consortium purifier, which, after a chemical-physical-biological treatment, purifies the water and then returns it to the river. The water taken from the river is returned clean with zero pollutants.

  • 61,3%

    of the water used in the production processes in 2022 is reclaimed water.

Heat Recovery

The innovative system for recovering heat generated during the fabric manufacturing processes allows for the capture of thermal energy produced by the production facilities, which is then reused for heating certain areas within the company: office building, locker rooms, dyeing and weaving departments, color kitchen, and maintenance workshop.

  • 34,63%

    in less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere per kilogram of fabric produced compared to 2002
  • 1.304.076 Sm3

    of methane have been saved during 2022 thanks to the use of the heat contained in the emissions from Carvico's industrial processes
  • 1007 TEP/year

    unused (tons of oil equivalent) in one year – from 2002 to 2022 55% reduction in thermal consumption per ton of finished product


Carvico implements a rigorous program to reduce pollutants in atmospheric emissions. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art facilities and technologies (BAT, best available technology), we ensure emissions into the atmosphere with temperatures and pollutant levels well below what is required by current regulations.

  • 2.425.000 kg di CO2

    not emitted into the atmosphere in 2021, i.e. what our company cars would have emitted to go around the world 688 times
  • 10

    times lower than the legal limits of emissions into the atmosphere


The use of recyclable raw materials, the reduction of packaging volumes, and the recovery of non-hazardous waste have allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of waste material produced.

  • 99%

    of the waste produced is recycled and reused in recovery plants, thus avoiding the need to send over 160 waste collection trucks to landfill

Green Areas

Since the early years of our activity, we have paid special attention to the maintenance of the green areas surrounding our headquarters, including significant tree-planting projects. The presence of a large wooded area not only gives the entire facility a welcoming appearance that fits well into the local environment but also contributes to the absorption of emitted CO2, thus improving our environmental footprint.

Sustainable Development


For Carvico, sustainable development entails respect for the environment and the best possible use of available energy resources. Our commitment is to develop a corporate model aimed at achieving social and environmental responsibility, which means safeguarding and enhancing both people and the local area.


In this context, we have developed a precise and innovative environmental management system. We commit to monitoring our production performance annually and analyzing the results to set improvement objectives for the future. We rely on external verification and control organizations that can certify the accuracy of the data we provide at the national and European levels.