Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Where creativity and imagination
meet our fabrics.


Carvico’s Design department is the nerve center of corporate creativity, where careful color research and market insights allow us to identify and predict future global trends, thus satisfying the requests and expectations of our customers.

Trend Setter
in constant evolution

From Facilitator
to Point of Reference.

Historically born as a point of contact and collaboration with artists and designers from all over the world, the Design department has shifted from playing a supporting role to becoming a true Trend Setter over the years, generating a growing anticipation from customers and the market regarding the annual Trend Book publication.

Unlike other creative departments, for Carvico’s Design department, it is imperative to respond to and anticipate customer needs rather than impose new ones.

Is it the market that dictates the direction of creativity, or is creativity leading the market? The goal of our work is to create inclusive and versatile tools that allow designers from all over the world to express their vision through Carvico fabrics.

It’s a virtuous collaboration between the research conducted by the Design department and the experimentation and innovation of R&D that has allowed Carvico to continually evolve over the years and establish important relationships with global brands in sportswear, beachwear, and fashion.