Carvico, italian textile company


In an ever changing, highly competitive and globalized sector like the textile one, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, belonging to the Carvico italian textile Group, have always stood out as synonymous to Made in Italy excellence. Their high-tech machinery and equipment, a consistent search for quality, their ability to evolve together with the market and their commitment towards sustainability have allowed Carvico and Jersey Lomellina to differentiate from competitors and become the most well known and consolidated businesses in their field.


Carvico S.p.A., italian fabric company named after the little town in the district of Bergamo the company is headquartered in, has stood out for its high tech DNA since its early days, and thanks to it, has always managed to be one step ahead its competitors. Moreover, Carvico has always acknowledged the importance of tradition while being able, at the same time, to keep up with the future by facing new challenges every day.
We are talking about a big italian textile factory which can rely on the most cutting-edge machineries to consistently innovate and re-invent itself, flexible in its ability to adjust its equipment and products to suit the market demand and requirements, and to experiment with fabrics to further expand its global offering.
A great company made of men and women who share the same passion for excellence, a strong sense of belonging, and a clear and recognizable philosophy grounded in a few common principles: the quality of everyone’s work, the quality of all products, the quality of the services provided.
Nowadays, Carvico S.p.A. is the market leader in the production of stretch, warp knitted fabrics for swimwear, sportswear and outerwear.


Over 40 years ago, Jersey Lomellina started producing circular knitted fabrics for underwear, beachwear and outerwear, accepting the challenge of blending style, elegance and functionality.
Being the trendiest affiliate of the Carvico Group, Jersey Lomellina represents the perfect mix of innovation, creativity, comfort, elegance and an experimental spirit. Skilled in anticipating the market trends and in interpreting a timeless but contemporary style, JL creates glamorous, functional, innovative, unmistakable high-end fabrics and is undeniably one of the leaders in the italian textile market.


Proud representatives of the Italian style in the world, Carvico and JL started operating globally in 2000, when they opened the first overseas sales office in Hong Kong and first overseas warehouse in Australia. In the 2006-2016 decade our italian textile companies consolidated their position on the International market by opening two more sales offices in China and in the US.