Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
More than half a century of
excellence in Made in Italy fabrics

About us

Our History
July 12 1962: Carvico's History Begins

It is the summer of 1962 when Giuseppe Colnaghi founds Tessitura Carvico sas, the first Italian company specialized in shuttle loom weaving, dyeing, and finishing of fabrics.

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The pleasure in the challenge
of producing innovative fabrics

We are made of tradition, innovation, and experimentation.

Above all, we are a large industry of men and women united by strong passion, an indelible sense of belonging, and a clear and recognizable perspective based on a few essential shared principles: quality of work, quality of the product, quality of service.

We have always known and recognized the value of tradition, and “tradition” has always represented our strong roots: the same roots that have allowed us to grow steadfastly with our gaze turned towards the future, courageously facing every challenge that has come our way.

The knowledge passed down from generation to generation, combined with the advanced technologies we’ve developed, has allowed us to become great while remaining flexible, never losing the ability to adapt our products to market needs and explore uncharted territories. A mindset that has enabled us, starting with ourselves, to expand our global presence over the years.

We are leaders in the production of stretch-resistant fabrics for the Swimwear, Sportswear, and Outerwear world.

Leader in the production
of stretch-resistant fabrics

Discover Fabrics
Discover Fabrics

Quality and

At Carvico, we operate according to criteria of service quality, environmental respect, the safeguarding of health, and the safety of our personnel. These are real, concrete values, the result of meticulous attention to every detail and perfection embraced as a rule.

Quality and service are the strengths that represent Carvico.

These are the qualities that customers from all over the world have unanimously recognized and that continue to uphold our company’s excellence today. The search for and guarantee of quality initiate and encompass the entire production cycle: our operators meticulously oversee every stage of production, promptly reporting even the smallest anomaly that could compromise fabric quality.


Precise and rigorous inspections.

State-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated verification tools allow for the most precise and rigorous inspections. Carvico standards require that every single meter of fabric produced is carefully monitored before being prepared for delivery.

The fabric is first “specularized” in a machine to check for any visual defects. Subsequently, in the quality control laboratory, physical tests related to elasticity are performed, the weight per square meter is verified, color fastness is tested (the fabric must not release residues when immersed in water or in contact with the skin), the UPF value, which is the degree of sun protection guaranteed by the fabric, is determined, and resistance to pilling, abrasion, and chlorine is tested. All of this is done in compliance with specific international regulations.


Certificates confirming the accuracy of fabric values.

Certifying the accuracy of our fabric values with nationally and internationally recognized certificates is not only a duty but also evidence of an ongoing process of improvement. The following are the company and product certifications obtained during the year, issued by the most authoritative control bodies in the sector.

View Certifications
View Certifications

Reporting Channel

Legality Whistleblowing

We have established a reporting channel for violations and irregularities within Carvico’s activities.

The channel can be accessed directly through the “Legality Whistleblowing” web platform.

Starting from September 2023, a new platform has been implemented, using computer-based methods and encryption tools to provide even greater confidentiality for the identity of the whistleblower, individuals involved, as well as the content of the report and its related documentation.

Delve into the information about the procedure for managing Whistleblowing reports.