Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Warp knit fabrics
since 1962

Performance Evolution

For over 60 years, Carvico’s technical fabrics have represented excellence in the Italian textile industry worldwide, anticipating trends and demonstrating the ability to meet the diverse needs of end customers and designers: from maximum comfort to perfect fit, from excellent durability to good protection.


Competitive performances
in any situation.

The research and development we conduct on the best raw materials have allowed us, over the years, to perfect our fabrics and processes to meet the most diverse situations and needs.

Explore our fabric range based on needs such as maximum breathability, eco-sustainability, or for bonded or brushed fabrics.

Technology? We prefer to talk about lifestyle 4.0.

The stretch-resistant fabrics we produce in our company are adaptable to the most intricate needs. From garments designed for sports and leisure to trendy or designer fashion items, Carvico’s fabrics represent the excellence of the Italian textile industry. Each Carvico fabric, thanks to our attentive and always curious view of society and the world around us, is designed to create unique, quality, and character-filled products.

A unique color palette.

Each Carvico fabric is developed and designed with different characteristics and uses, knowledge we share with our partners through our color palettes. The color palette is a truly valuable tool for designers, companies, and professionals who choose to work with us every day. Thanks to the careful trend forecasting work carried out in the Design and R&D departments, its annual edition is synonymous with a guarantee of accurate analysis and interpretation of the stylistic trends that the market follows.

  • 1000+

    Available colors

Versatility as
a Distinctive Quality.

A variety of uses as vast as our imagination.

A B2B company where the consumer is at the center of every consideration. Especially when we set out to design a new fabric. Durability, comfort, protection, innovation, and sustainability.

These are the key concepts underlying every new development. Stretchable fabrics of the highest quality, products of advanced technologies, innovative fibers, and the expertise of professionals involved in every production phase are our premium ingredients for conceiving products designed to aesthetically and technically withstand the test of time.

A fabric for every occasion.

It’s thanks to the meticulous finishes, a variety of colors, smooth or textured surfaces, metallic and velvety, fabrics with soft or technical hand, matte or glossy: our collections are designed not only to satisfy but often anticipate market trends and the demands of each of our clients.

Research and
Development Department

Our Engine for Innovation.

Carvico is not just a major company equipped with cutting-edge production technologies, but above all, it’s a great team composed of professionals who passionately and professionally weave the company’s future every day.

Providing customers with impeccable and innovative products
This the promise we have been committed to since our foundation, guaranteeing and developing a wide range of technical fabrics designed and tested to meet the numerous requirements of swimwear, sportswear, underwear, and athleisure.

Research and Development is an ongoing process
A journey in constant pursuit of the fabrics of tomorrow, where curiosity and market needs often point the way, guided by intuition.