Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
The inexhaustible energy that drives us
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Research &

Research and Development have always been incredibly strategic areas for us: the center of significant investments and the absolute pride of our business.

Research and development.
Innovate to be a leader

From people, to the company,
to the supply chain, to the Future.

Our R&D center, inaugurated in 2010, is a true “company within the company,” equipped with modern weaving, dyeing, and quality control facilities to trace every phase of the production process.

We have always approached the market with flexibility, aiming to be ready to grasp its various nuances in order to anticipate its developments and look beyond present contingencies. Our department operates autonomously, generating a virtuous cycle in which innovation and production progress hand in hand.

Thanks to a series of sophisticated proprietary technologies, the R&D Center is able to operate continuously and responsively to the needs of our clients and our production. It’s a genuine element of competitiveness that makes Carvico a strategic partner for many of our suppliers, in a logic that encourages the development of new products and projects.

The equipment and technologies at our disposal in the center are among the most advanced in the textile industry, allowing us to promptly test emerging market innovations, from yarns to fabric finishing products.


The final step of the Center is designed to allow in-depth analysis of the finished fabric, immediately and specifically evaluating its technical features.


Over the years, our dedication to redefining industry standards has led Carvico to significant achievements such as:

Revolutional fabric, the only product in our collection covered by two patents: one for production and one for the product itself.

VITA fabric: made with 100% recycled polyamide thread from pre and post-consumer waste materials.

The Chlorine Resistance Machine: a device designed and created thanks to the expertise of Carvico’s technicians and engineers to measure the resistance of our fabrics to chlorinated water.