Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution

Over the course of our 60-year history, at Carvico, we have consistently looked to the future, making strategic choices, sometimes even bold or contrary, but always successful. These choices have allowed us to become global leaders in the production of swimwear, sportswear, and outerwear fabrics.

In 2017, we chose to design a new production plant in Ethiopia that would allow us to give a more ethical and sustainable boost to our production, which was already very attentive to these issues. This gave birth to the Kombolcha plant, which today produces our fabrics with the same quality as those produced in Italy, and with an added value that we are particularly proud of: the fabrics produced in Ethiopia not only meet all our strict quality standards but are even more ethical and sustainable.

We wanted to create a zero-emissions plant in Kombolcha. The industrial site is state-of-the-art and has a reduced environmental impact, following the responsible production model that characterizes all our facilities, both in Italy and in Vietnam.

  • Three wells provide the company with water independence and offer concrete assistance to the local population.
  • A process water treatment plant allows the recycling of 95% of the water used.
  • We use hydroelectric energy and no fossil fuels.
  • A waste treatment plant with a double combustion chamber eliminates emissions into the atmosphere.
  • A state-of-the-art emission control system, designed and built in Italy, constantly monitors CO2 emissions levels.

The quality of work is measured not only in results but primarily in the well-being and professional growth of the workers. Therefore, just like in Italy, in Ethiopia, we have created a cohesive and winning team. The plant is managed by Italian technicians and managers who work side by side with 400 Ethiopian operators. Through very specific in-house training programs, we are laying the foundations for an increasingly specialized workforce.

Contributing to making the world a better place is our goal. The Kombolcha plant allows us to offer Ethiopia and our collaborators a concrete hope for the future by teaching them specialized work and, above all, by giving them the opportunity to support their families with dignity, keeping any thoughts of emigration at bay. We are proud to declare that Carvico Ethiopia is truly close to the families and the entire community of Kombolcha. We provide teaching materials to kindergarten and primary schools. Furthermore, within our plant in Ethiopia, there is a small clinic equipped with diagnostic and specialist equipment imported from Italy. The company cafeteria offers varied and complete nutrition through a dietary program tailored to the specific needs of the workers. Finally, in Ethiopia, sports and social activities are also organized; the company soccer team has already won a local tournament.

Just a few years ago, Kombolcha was a dream. Today, thanks to the great commitment of the Carvico family, this dream has become a reality to be proud of. Buying from Carvico Ethiopia means, in fact, buying from Carvico. Today, in Ethiopia, we produce the four basics of the Carvico collection (Malaga, Morea, Rodi, Sumatra) with the same quality. Here in Ethiopia, these products assume an even greater value of sustainability: they are produced with the same attention and quality as Italian fabrics, with the added value of being even more ethical and responsible.