Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution

Carvico begins 2023 with its participation in the PGA Show in Orlando, a flagship event in the golfing world. It’s the perfect and most important opportunity to showcase the best of our collection in terms of performance and technology. While the most well-known brands in the industry unveiled their new collections and accessories for the first time, the Bergamo-based company – one of the very few textile companies selected by the fair – took the opportunity to announce its new additions to the range.

Come scegliere i giusti capi di abbigliamento da golf

On this occasion, the focus naturally turned to golf clothing: the technology and performance of our technical sportswear fabrics as a means to ensure comfort, freedom of movement, and to enhance the skills and performance of every player.

In the past, golf was an exclusive sport, but in recent years, it has certainly become more “inclusive.” The desire to connect with nature, the need to reconnect with one’s inner self, the desire to escape and immerse oneself in silence to the point of forgetting daily stress and worries have allowed golf to become a truly trendy sport. As it is an outdoor activity throughout the year, it is essential to choose the right golf clothing that, on the one hand, ensures the player’s performance and, on the other hand, adapts to changing weather and seasons.

In the summer, it’s good to wear garments that provide good breathability, protection from UV rays (UPF rating of at least 50+), moisture control, and are antibacterial.

In the winter, it’s advisable to select clothing that ensures the right thermal protection, is breathable, and promotes sweat evaporation, preventing it from giving a sensation of cold and dampness when in contact with the skin.

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn, or winter, it’s crucial to purchase garments made with high-quality fabrics that are very comfortable, don’t constrain movement, and ensure long-lasting correct fit, resistance to pilling, and abrasion.

Now, let’s talk about our collections and technical fabrics.

The variety of our technical fabrics for golf Carvico has taken the opportunity to reintroduce the fabric that plays a leading role in the world of golf clothing: the timeless Revolutional, now in its eco-friendly version. This time, we’re talking about recycled polyamide from pre and post-consumer waste materials.

Completing our offerings are the Mild and Colorado fabrics. Mild, the indestructible lightweight and comfortable fabric, is ideal for making t-shirts, stretch shirts, and tops. Colorado, the evergreen of the Carvico collection, stands out with its ultra-soft peach hand feel, comfortable both against the skin and when worn externally for a modern and sensory look.

Choosing high-quality and reliable technical fabrics is, therefore, the essential starting point for creating top collections where aesthetics go hand in hand with performance.