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Passion for sport and eco-friendliness: on July 7th 2024 9.000 cycling vests made with Carvico fabrics are going to support the athletes taking part in the 37the edition of the Queen of Granfondo races

Passion for sport and eco-friendliness are the values which have brought Carvico and the Maratona Dles Dolomites-Enel together for the past 15 years.
The textile company, headquartered in the district of Bergamo, has been the Official Gold partner of the Queen of Granfondo races since 2010, and this year, too, has provided the techno-vests to be given to the participants to the event to be held on July 7th.

A strong and long-term partnership strengthened by the creation of a brand-new, revamped version of the classic cycling vest characterized by a simple silhouette with clean lines and a perfect fit, enhanced by an intense purple shade, selected to frame the front logo of Maratona and, on the back, Carvico logo which has recently been remade as part of the company rebranding campaign. Indeed, after over 60 years of activity, the company has renovated its image and reinforced its digital presence.
The 9.000 vests made with fabrics by Carvico have been designed to support athletes without constraints, protect them from the wind while ensuring maximum aerodynamics.
But that is not all: the vests are comfortable and breathable, like all other performance fabrics by Carvico, which blend quality and innovation, appeal and an extremely pleasant hand feel.
Furthermore, the Maratona Dles Dolomites-Enel vests are made with Norway and Revolutional Eco, which are made of ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn produced by Aquafil starting from pre- and post-consumer waste materials (discarded fishing nets from fish farms, carpet fluff and industrial plastic waste) which, instead of ending up in landfills, are recovered and regenerated by Aquafil through a complex chemical/physical process whose outcome is a new raw material with the same properties and features of virgin Polyamide from fossil resources.

Sport and environment are the two main elements characterizing both Carvico and the Maratona Dles Dolomites – Enel which, like every year, is expected to be an amazing event focusing on a deep respect for nature and the environment.

Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, President of the Carvico Group said: “In Carvico we believe our commitment to preserve the environment has to translate into pragmatic, daily choices such as supporting sport events like the Maratona Dles Dolomites – Enel, using regenerated raw materials for the production of textile products like the ones used for the vests to be given to the participants to the Maratona. Once again this year, we are ready for the Maratona Dles Dolomites, a huge event which has always been aimed at spreading love for sport and respect for the Earth”.