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Performance Evolution
Performance Evolution

In a few weeks, it will finally be time to return to the beach and enjoy a swim, as well as showcase the new swimsuits chosen to highlight your physique. However, there’s nothing more disappointing than realizing that you’ve chosen the wrong size or that a low-quality fabric wears out quickly.

Today, it’s possible to combine the selection of performance fabrics for beachwear with environmental responsibility. There are increasingly more sustainable swimwear brands that are attentive to the environment, using fabrics made from recycled materials or even waste materials, just as Carvico has done.

What are the best fabrics for producing high-quality swimwear?

The primary difference between mediocre and excellent swimwear, as you can imagine, lies in the fabric used. It should provide a perfect fit, follow the body’s contours without constriction, and endure over time. Other desirable characteristics include resistance to chlorine, especially for pool swimwear, or resistance to sunscreens and oils for those who like to sunbathe at the beach. Whether it’s competitive and training swimwear or you simply want to flaunt the perfect look on the beach, choosing high-quality swimwear truly makes a difference.

The beachwear fabrics from Carvico and Jersey Lomellina possess all of these qualities and are subjected to rigorous physical and visual tests before they enter the market. Of course, physical characteristics are essential in determining the quality of a product, but to produce excellent swimwear, you must also consider aesthetics. This involves using fabrics that maintain their appearance over time, ensuring vibrant colors.

At Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, we use high-quality elastomers that resist chlorine, sunscreens, and oils more than twice as much as the standard. In our collections, you’ll also find fabrics that resist sand thanks to an innovative and patented construction: sand grains won’t get trapped in the fibers. These fabrics are now available in eco versions as well.

For top brands in the industry, we offer Vita and Vita Power: fabrics that are very resistant, thin, elastic, and breathable. The first ensures a good balance between muscle compression and comfort, while the Power version emphasizes muscle compression to aid recovery and prevent the accumulation of lactic acid. Both fabrics provide excellent resistance to chlorine, sunscreens, and oils, as well as the necessary UV protection.

Another favorite fabric among numerous beachwear brands is Pantelleria: characterized by its soft feel and three-dimensional effect, it’s perfect for creating elegant and romantic swimsuits and garments that last over time and perfectly wrap around the body.

Pantelleria, like Vita, Vita Power, and many other Carvico and Jersey Lomellina fabrics, is made with ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post-consumer waste materials (such as fishing nets, carpet fluff, rigid tulle) that are recovered and regenerated, applying circular economy principles.

Eco-friendly Swimsuits: Arena Launches Beachwear for Environmental Conservation

Choosing a new swimsuit is often a matter of fashion, but not only. Today, one of the most interesting trends is sustainable swimwear. With our purchases, we can also influence the market, and that’s precisely what has been happening in recent years as swimwear companies, attuned to their customers’ desires, are using eco-friendly fabrics on a larger scale.

In this context, the collaboration between Arena and Carvico was born, united by a shared focus on sustainability. For the summer of 2022, the prestigious brand has introduced a collection inspired by inclusivity and environmental conservation. It represents another step along the path that began in 2021, a journey towards a new dimension of social responsibility and care for our planet.

Thanks to Carvico’s continuous innovation, Arena was able to create all-new swimwear models and most of the beachwear models for the 2022 season using high-quality fabrics made from recycled raw materials. In addition to the traditional fabrics used by the brand, innovative fabrics for swimwear have been introduced. Besides the Vita fabric mentioned earlier, Arena chose to use Sydney Eco, a sustainable fabric of high quality made from green polyester, whose yarn is obtained from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Furthermore, it’s highly performant, as it is impervious to chlorine, resists sunscreens and oils while maintaining its shape and color over time, dries quickly, and provides UPF50+ UV protection.

In summary, for both beachwear and competition swimsuits, high-quality fabrics have become sustainable, certifying the attention of both swimmers and companies to our environment.

Sustainability Also Depends on Use: Learn How to Care for Performance Swimsuits

Of course, using high-quality sustainable fabrics is crucial for achieving high-performance and environmentally-friendly swimwear. However, this wouldn’t be very effective if we decided to throw away our swimsuits used up to that point every season to buy new ones.

To ensure that your swimsuits withstand the sun, sand, and saltwater and last for several years – not just one summer – a few precautions are enough. After each use, you should immediately rinse your swimsuits under cold fresh water, using a mild soap or a specialized detergent, and rub the fabric well to remove all residues. And above all, avoid using fabric softeners.