News 18 February 2014 - Press releases

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We all know that our physical appearance inevitably changes over time and our skin is particularly sensitive to the aggressive
action of pollution, sunrays, stress and hormones.
“When we are 30 our skin starts losing its natural capability to retain water and therefore its elasticity.
When we are 40 cells self-renewal process slows down, our skin becomes more opaque and the first wrinkles appear.
When we are 50 hormones negatively affects our skin self-renewal, hydration and elasticity.”
What can we do to fight our skin ageing process?
A healthy, balanced lifestyle will definitely help: eating healthy food, practising sport, reducing the time spend under the sun, using anti-ageing cosmetic product.

And from now, it’s time for a luxury experience! with Young, the new fabric by Jersey Lomellina, made of Novarel Anti-OX, a micro-encapsulated fiber by Nurel, rich in antioxidant active principles such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Everyone knows that Vitamin E is a powerful and natural antioxidant, really efficient in fight against free radicals and therefore the skin ageing process. (Source

The properties of Aloe Vera have been renowned for centuries: beauty is a direct effect of our health, a healthy skin is fresh, bright, with no flaws and therefore looks good. Aloe Vera is hypoallergenic, it nourishes the skin, hydrating it and regenerating it, and helps re-establishing the natural cells equilibrium.

Before being marketed, Young by Jersey Lomellina has been tested in order to assess its hydrating and protective properties.
Such tests were carried out by a dermatologist belonging to the staff of Bio Basic Europe – a well known dermatologic cosmetic laboratory located in Milan – in cooperation with a prestigious university. 50 voluteers, ranging from 18 and 60 years old, were asked to wear some garments made with Young by Jersey Lomellina (long sleeved polo neck tops) for 14 days, 8 hours a day.

After such two weeks:
– 1 woman out of 2 confirms her skin has become softer;
– 1 woman out of 2 confirms her skin has become smoother

All the participants self-assessment results and opinions have been collected and they are really positive:
(judgements were expressed on the basis of the VAS scale, with values ranging from 0 to 10 where 0 is the lowest value and 10 the highest one)

– Garments are really comfortable (SCORE: 7,96)
– My skin is smoother (SCORE: 7)
– Garments have increased my skin hydration (SCORE:7,12)
– My skin is softer now (SCORE: 7,22)

After having analyzed the outcome of the survey and the participant’s statements we can say that:
the fabric has proven to have cosmetic, hydrating properties clearly perceived by 74% of the volunteers who took part in the clinical test.

Young by Jersey Lomellina: discover a brand new pleasure…