News 24 March 2014 - Press releases

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Carvico relaunches XLAnce, one of the most innovative fabrics ever, in a brand new “green” version. XLAnce Eco is a sustainable fabric perfectly blending the features of the extraordinary XLA elastomer and Econyl®, a polyamide yarn deriving from 100% of recycled material.

XLAnce Fibre Italia, a 100% Made in Italy business, was established in 2011 as a result of the joint venture between Carvico S.p.A. and Aquafil S.p.A. (leader in the production of man-made fibers) and was created with the aim to finalize the purchase of a project of development of the innovative XLA elastomeric fiber originally designed by Dow Chemical Company in the US. Such co-operation therefore ensured the production of this exceptional fiber would carry on. We are talking about a stretch fiber which is completely chlorine-proof and can transfer to fabrics its extreme recovery power. In addition to this XLA perfectly blends with the most innovative fibers currently available on the market, even those requiring special treatments and processing, such as polypropylene.

XLAnce Eco is the ideal fabric for those who love water sports thanks to its capability to resist to the most extreme stresses, including those linked to competition challenges. Totally chlorine-proof and extremely resistant to sweat, suntan creams and UV, XLAnce Eco is a long lasting fabric, also thanks to the very low temperatures applied during the thermosetting process (much lower than the standard ones).
Compact, comfortable and soft, XLAnce Eco is bound to beat the competitors and to become a leader for competition swimwear and beachwear. Garments made with the new fabric by Carvico perfectly fit your body, shaping your silhouette so to allow athletes to feel totally free when competing. Additionally, it is fast-drying and breathable. Carvico hasn’t only renewed XLAnce Eco ”soul” , its look has changed as well, since it can now boast a modern, bold, fresh and funny colour card in which the bright shades typical of sportswear fabrics meet several much trendier colours to create unexpected and magical new atmospheres.