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Eco-Friendly Fabrics

For years, we have been offering our customers fabrics made with ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn from pre and post-consumer waste materials. Instead of being discarded in landfills, these materials are recovered and regenerated by Aquafil through a complex physical-chemical decomposition process.

Let’s discover together this journey that involves not only Carvico but also two other very important partners: Healthy Seas and Aquafil SpA, the company that produces the regenerated nylon ECONYL®.

8 million tons of waste end up in the sea every year.

640,000 tons
of fishing nets
abandoned in the oceans
(FAO and UNEP sources).

Since 2016, Carvico has been supporting "Healthy Seas," an initiative aimed at reducing solid waste in the seas through the recovery and recycling of abandoned materials.

Alarming data tells us that, if the situation doesn’t change, by 2050, the ocean could contain more trash than fish. We need to completely change our approach, coexisting in the best possible way with nature and reflecting on the importance of a limited resource such as water for our planet. It requires a new awareness and a change of mindset.


An initiative founded in 2013 by Aquafil, Star Sock, and the NGO Ghost Diving. These three entities share a common mission: to join forces to clean the world’s waters from marine pollution, including so-called ghost nets, which are responsible for the death of many marine inhabitants.


• Collaborates with fishing communities to implement preventive actions against pollution caused by discarded fishing nets, finding new solutions for sustainable disposal both environmentally and economically.

• Conducts educational programs to promote the importance of responsible ecological choices.

Regeneration System

The fishing nets, along with other materials (such as fluff and tulle), recovered in this way are delivered to Aquafil SpA’s regeneration plant. Here, through a sophisticated and complex recycling process, these materials are regenerated into ECONYL®, a new polyamide thread with the same performance and quality characteristics as virgin polyamide. However, in this case, non-renewable fossil raw materials have not been used.

For years, Carvico has chosen ECONYL® thread as a premium ingredient for the production of some of their sustainable fabrics in their collection. These fabrics are of the highest quality, ensuring the same performance as fabrics made with standard polyamide. Therefore, no compromises are required for designers when developing their collections using Carvico’s sustainable fabrics, which, in the swimwear fabric sector, holds the exclusive use of ECONYL® thread.

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