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The next Mare di Moda will be the setting for a unique event, a significant launch that marks a new direction for the swimwear segment.
Carvico – the international leader of non-run textiles manufacturing- will presents the innovative performance swim fabric VITA, an evolution of the bestselling Malaga, destined soon to become the new fabricreference for the sector.
The result of extensive investment and years of research, VITA embodies standards of excellence that combine the development of cutting edge processes with the selection of the finest raw materials – like the use of 22% XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre, the value ingredient that makes the difference.

This unique fabric undergoes an exceptional performance test process – for the first time ever, a LIVE COMPARISON TEST carried out by professional swimmers, a team of promising young Italian swimmers trained by a star athlete, Luca Sacchi. Their intensive pool activities lasted 8,800 hours.
This “real-life” test did not simply simulate the life of the fabric in the pool – it involved the effects of environmental variables and the actual conditions of use that the costume will experience. Shape and fit retention were observed as it experienced the constant stress imposed by the athlete’s activities. The experiment opened up new horizons in the fabric performance measurement.

Expressly carried out in a swimming poolin order to evaluate fabric performance in a competitive environment, the test was accompanied by traditional laboratory analysis to measure wear performance, chlorine resistance and resistance to sun oils and creams.
The results, which proved to exceed expectations, show that VITA offers extraordinary all-round performance, making it perfect for all swimwear applications.
The data and real-life setting of this exciting adventure have been recorded in a movie short called “STRONG LIKE US – The pleasure of challenge”. A passionate, involving video-narration in images, presented for the first time in Cannes.

Cinema Carvico panel 682

Carvico and XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre invite you to the screening in the CINEMA CARVICO – MOVIE ROOM, where you will be able to discover the results of the exclusive live test dedicated to the new VITA fabric with XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre. We look forward to seeing you there!

VITA fabric sheet

See the trailer of the short-movie “STRONG LIKE US”