News 6 November 2012 - Press releases

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The LCCLife Cycle Control – project represents a public statement by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina concerning their commitment to the promotion of a deep environmental awareness and the respect for our ecosystem which is needed to ensure a better future to our planet.
The LCC project is based on the recovery and recycling of discarded materials such as fishing nets, tulle and carpet fluff which have got to the end of their useful life. Such operation is meant to involve several different authorities, associations, consortii and businesses all over the world which shall deal with the collection of such materials which will then be recycled.

Taking discarded materials and products away from the landfill and giving them a new life: a feasible concept which will deeply affect our environment thanks being turned into a different method of exploiting discarded materials and products which are no longer seen as a problem to be solved but as a possible solution to the problem itself.
One year after the launch of the LCC project, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, in partnership with Aquafil SpA, confirm their role as pioneers in the defense of the environment and are ready to set off on a new ethical journey: the regeneration of their textile wastes.
The project, currently being implemented at an industrial level, foresees the recovery and separation of the selvages ( waste fabric cut out during the production process ) of fabrics containing PA6 from those made of other fibers.
The former are then delivered to Aquafil so that the PA6 can be separated from the elastomer, and then turned into a new raw material.
By doing so such waste materials – the selvages – which would otherwise be sent to the landfill, are recovered and recycled up to a total amount of 350 ton/year.

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are anyway working on several projects with the aim of offering a feasible response to the market demand for businesses which might operate according to the principle of corporate social responsibility. Green Vision is the name chosen by our companies to their ETHICAL vision and commitment to nature and our planet. A business style and philosophy which have brought about several, relevant achievements: in one year we have recovered 20 million liters of water, saved 300.000 Kwh of energy and 135.000 Sm³ of methane gas, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions per kg of fabric produced by 20% Kg, compared to 10 years ago (ETS Kyoto). Emissions are 10 times lower than the thresholds set by the law, and the quantity of waste materials have decreased thanks to the use of recyclable raw materials, the reduction of packaging volumes and the recovery of non-hazardous wastes.
Furthermore, we have recently carried out a test run of the new heat recovery system making use of heat coming from the fabric production process. Recovered thermal energy will be used to heat the offices building, the dressing rooms, the dyeing and knitting offices, the colour kitchen and the maintenance workshop. Thanks to the implementation of such system, both our companies will save 50% of the methane gas used to heat the aforesaid premises a (112.800 Sm³ in 2010) preventing the emission of 100 ton/year of CO2 into the atmosphere.