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Carvico hangtags boast a brand new graphic layout which – thanks to a fully coordinated and unprecedented design allows customers to immediately identify the brand identity, quality, value and features.

This restyling campaign has involved all the different types of hangtags which identify the diverse applications and performances of the fabrics: from the general ones for beachwear and sportswear, to the ones for specific products and eco-sustainable ones, up to those showing the UV protection factor and finally the ones for the fashion collection.

A stylish black background makes the Carvico logo, which in the new release includes the word fabrics, stand out. Several concentric, colorful circles representing the rapport between the company and water and Carvico generative power, enrich the layout. Technology and modernity, two factors which have always characterized the company since its early days, are instead represented by the dashed lines.

The fabrics features are represented by icons, which are now more understandable and functional. The 3 color slogan Garment made with Italian fabric, stands for Made in Italy quality and excellence. The green tree symbolizes the eco-sustainable vision of Carvico, which, over the years, has led the company to promote, through its products and several concrete actions, the safeguarding of our environment and the wellbeing of all employees.

The hangtag identifying the eco-sustainable fabrics made of 100% recycled fibers, is particularly clear in its connection with nature thanks to its neutral background reminding to natural elements.