News 9 July 2012 - Press releases

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In order to reconfirm its deep commitment to the defense of our environment, Carvico S.p.A. expands its 2014 collection with the addition of two brand new highly sustainable fabrics: Acqua & Fuoco. Born from an ambitious project, the LCCLife Cycle Control – involving other two big Italian companies, Jersey Lomellina and Aquafil (leader in the production of man-made fibers), Acqua and Fuoco are the concrete evidence of Carvico Nature’s Voice, since they are made of Econyl® hollow fiber, a 100% recycled polyamide yarn.

Taking wastes away from the landfill to give them a new life. A simple principle, a feasible project which can have a dramatic effect with reference to the protection of eco-systems since it promotes a different way to exploit materials which have got to the end of their useful life: such materials are no longer seen as a problem to be solved but as a possible solution to the problem itself.
The Econyl® hollow fiber is produced starting from the recovery and processing of post industrial and post-consumer materials such as fishing nets, tulle, fluff (from old carpet). The so-called PA 6 (polyamide 6) found in such products is transformed through an innovative chemical-mechanical process, in a new polymer and then into a new yarn to be employed for the production of high performance, techno-fabrics such as Acqua & Fuoco. This is possible since recycled polyamide is a high quality product which is not altered in its technical, aesthetical and tactile features, and is perfectly equal to the virgin fiber. The hollow fiber, moreover, can also be used for the production of fabrics which ensure better performances if compared with the “standard” fibers: fabrics which are light but non see-through, breathable, insulating and highly UV protective.

Designed for competition swimwear, Acqua is a dynamic fabric which boasts all the essential technical features. Having been awarded the prestigious Xtra Life LYCRA®certificate, Acqua is highly resistant to chlorine, sun creams and oils, it guarantees a perfect fit and high compression power, and it is the ideal fabric for both professional athletes and amateurs who love water sports. Furthermore, it is suitable for the creation of exclusive beachwear garments, since it naturally reflects sunrays, ensuring a UPF 50+ UV protection factor and an excellent cover in all the twelve colours included in the relevant colour card.

Fuoco, instead, perfectly blends lightness and stretch, resistance to pilling and abrasions and freedom of movement. Weighting only 140g/m2, it is the fabric for beachwear par excellence, ideal for trendy garments guaranteeing comfort, elegance, performance and dynamicity.