Looking forward with hope and confidence

15 August 2020  officine_admin 

After a few tough months during which we had to cope with an unprecedented and therefore unmanageable situation, Italy is finally starting up again. The global Covid-19 pandemics hit us like a tsunami; however, over the past weeks, Italy has risen up with strength and dignity, and is ready to face the challenge of recovering.

We asked Stefano Eretti, General Manager of Carvico, to share with us some considerations concerning the months to come.

The Italian and the international situations are the same, at the moment: we have all been locked down and we have all reacted the same way. We can say that even in this field everything seems to be on stand-by, as if we were all waiting for the whole world to restart .

Now we need to think positive, to hope for a better future. I do believe nothing will be the same again after the COVID 19 pandemics, but we need to believe markets and global economies are going to be steady again and we will all be able to keep going and use 2021 to compensate the losses of 2020.

What are your forecast for the textile industry, considering the difficult moment we are going through?

I am afraid there will be some negative consequences deriving from the pandemics but, once it is over, the world will start running at a fast pace again, we will all start living again but with an increased attention for the environment. We will be looking for and appreciating beauty again, we will be willing to buy some comfortable and high performance clothes which must also be eco-friendly. This is why we will keep researching into new recycled raw materials, and dyestuff and finishing treatments with a low environmental impact.

What is Carvico new starting point?

We need to start from where we stopped, taking up again what we were doing so as to go and visit our customers. Digital communication has been helpful so far, but we need face to face contacts, we need to look people in the eyes.  Our customers shall stay reassured Carvico has not changed and is still hyper-reliable in terms of service, the ability to satisfy their needs and to keep innovating through our dynamic research and development process.  I have never considered redesigning our DNA or our production cycles.  Continuous development is crucial as well as our R&D which has always allowed us to be at the forefront of innovation and will enable us to be a 100% “green” business in a short time.

Despite this hard moment, Carvico has just celebrated the establishment of a new department.

We have just added a beaming/warping department to our corporate structure since the world is now open to all sorts of innovations. The beaming/warping process was and is a must for us.

How do you see Asia and Africa, nowadays? Ethiopia and Vietnam are still strategic  for Carvico?

Our investment  in Ethiopia aimed at the production of our commodities (Malaga and Morea) is moving on.
HY in Vietnam, due to COVID19, has been suffering like our headquarters. Fundamentally, their strategies and guidelines are the same applied here in Italy  but their production is going to remain different from Carvico’s.
I am confident the overall situation is going to get better. Clearly, there are some serious difficulties to be faced, we need to be focused, well aware of what is going on, responsible; we need to love our job and our Group.

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