Carvico wins at Nürburgring with the Rossocorsa Ferrari Team

6 September 2019  officine_admin 

Research, passion and speed: Ferrari and Carvico, benchmark of  Made in Italy excellence 

When talking about speed our mind automatically goes to car racing: the circuits which have made the history of Grand Prix to the bravest pilots and the most prestigious car manufacturers.  However, car racing is not only made of romantic tales about overcoming human limits. Car racing also means research, development, studying and preparation.

Carvico has always felt a close proximity to the world of car racing. The success of this brand, a benchmark of excellence for Made in Italy products, is based on a perfect balance between challenges and an obsessive research for the best details, and the speed needed to be always one step ahead of competitors in terms of developments, and to adapt to market needs and the drive to innovate.
To close such loop, when we talk about Made in Italy and racing, we cannot but think about Ferrari.

Ferrari Challenge: a display of speed and tradition

everybody knows about Formula Uno, the pilots of the most famous “red cars” in the world, Sebastian Vettel e Charles Leclerc, fighting against the unbeatable Mercedes driven by Lewis Hamilton and Valteri Bottas. But Ferrari Racing is much more than that and special importance has been devoted  to the Ferrari Challenge, since 1993 the most famous single brand championship in the world. The competition is divided in three series –  Europe,  North America and Asia Pacific – each of them split in four categories  the  Pirelli Trophy (the main category), the Pirelli Trophy Am, the Shell Cup and the  Shell Cup Am.

The protagonists of this Championship are the Grand Touring cars, featuring the greatest care for details, the respect for the brand tradition and a passion for innovation.

These are the values which have always been core for Carvico, a brand which operates in a highly competitive market characterized by demanding customers, so a partnership with Ferrari was almost inevitable as well as the one with the most ambitious team in the Ferrari Challenge Championship, the Rossocorsa Racing Team, one of the strongest in the European series, whose competitions are broadcast by Eurosport in 90 countries in the world.

Nurburgring victory

The Nürburgring circuit is simply legendary: it saw the participation of some great champions such as Tazio Nuvolari and Juan Manuel Fangio. In the ’70s, the“ring”, as it was nicknamed, was still one of the longest and most dangerous circuits (22 km) in the world: also known as the “Grüne Holle” (“the green hell”), it was mostly inside a gloomy forest with a scary castle hovering over it. In addition to this, the infamous accident happened in 1976 involving Niki Lauda led to its temporary closing and then the circuit was redesigned.

Last weekend, the fifth seasonal appointment of the European series took place on that very same glorious and dramatic  circuit, and the Ferrari car sponsored by Carvico was the star of the day.

Last Saturday, Niccolò Schirò, from Milan, dominated the 1 Race of the Pirelli Trophy in the “pro” category. After getting to the pole position, Schirò, which had not win any races after the opening one in 2019 in  Bahrain, started off very well and then led the group throughout the competition, keeping a really fast pace, getting to the finish line 8 seconds ahead of Thomas Neubauer .

An important victory for Schirò and for the Rossocorsa team, sponsored by Carvico which, considering  the disappointing result achieved by  the general ranking leader Louis Prette, who came fourth, has given the team new hopes for the final title.

The challenge is not over

Prette is  20 ahead of Schirò who has 103 points. An important distance but not impossible to compensate.

The next appointment with the  Ferrari Challenge Europe is in September, in Italy, in another memorable circuit:  the Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit in  Imola.

Carvico has always been fond of challenges, like Ferrari and therefore hopes Rossocorsa and Schirò may make it to overturn the current result and win the Europe Cup.

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