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26 September 2019  officine_admin 

fabrics for shoesShoes: a matter of style

This is what comedian Luciana Litizzetto wrote in one of her best sellers entitled Sola come un gambo di sedano: “forget about bunches of roses, forget about the sweetest fruits. Listen to me: present ladies with shoes collections. That is every woman’s untold desire”.

Is Mrs Litizzetto right? She may be, if we alzo consider Sara Jessica Parker’s obsession for Manolo Blanik s products in Sex and the city. Let’s make another example: the shoe mania that characterizes Nanni Moretti s character in his film Bianca and which leads him to analyze human beings on the basis of the shoes they wear. And what about the energy released by Judy Garland/Doroty in the Wizard of Oz? Indeed, shoes – whether they are elegant, sporty, casual or simply beautiful – play a special and fun role in our lives.

Let’s also consider that English speakers use the idiom “ to walk in someone else’s shoes” to indicate the attempt to try and understand another person’s life. This may help us understand how shoes connect to our life energy, to our choices in terms of apparel and even to our inner selves.

What we would like to highlight in this article is not the fact that shoes are beautiful objects but what a crucial role fabrics play in their production. Let’s make a few examples.

Fabrics for shoes: what are they?

Being passionate about shoes does not only mean loving their styles. If you think about sports people, what they news the most  is performance shoes which may suit their specific needs. Trekking shoes or military boots, for instance, have to be made of breathable, moisture wicking and waterproof fabrics.

Nylon is one of the most common materials used for the production of shoes, thanks to its high resistance and durability, but also polyester is suitable being Booth breathable and moisture wicking.

Bonded fabrics are used as well since they put together the properties of two fabrics in just one and can be integrated with breathable and wind proof membranes to protect our feet from the rain or harsh climate conditions.

If we take into consideration less technical applications, velvet and canvas are also quite popular, the former to be found both in elegant and stylish contexts and also in the world of basketball shoes, thanks to its being a good mix of elegance, class and sexiness which was originally conceived only as a fabric for apparel and accessories and has now become trendy as a fabric for footwear, as well.

Canvas is instead ideal for the creation of lightweight footwear, such as sneakers, ideal for traveling and everyday use.

Carvico fabrics for footwear

Carvico has designed several fabrics for footwear with different features: Morea a lightweight, comfortable, matt polyamide fabric; Rodi and Sumatra glossy, glamorous, comfortable, ideal for the creation of trendy cuissardes; vita which is versatile, elastic, soft, and resistant. Vita is made of ECONYL regenerated polyamide: it provides the evidence of the fact that waste can be turned into inspiration sources for the world of fashion, footwear included. In addition to this, Vita is highly breathable, a key feature in footwear.

Then we have Dakota: designed for a more technical and sporty application, it is bi-elastic, and extra comfy, ideal for leisure. The best partner for those who are keen on moving but also want to feel comfortable.

When it comes to footwear, Carvico expertise has the right proposals to satisfy the most diverse requirements and types of customers, from the most elegant to the most active ones and also the fashion conscious who are after sneakers to be worn as part of a street style outfit but also in a more sophisticated context.

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