Water repellent fabrics and features for outdoor sports

6 January 2021  officine_admin 

Sport is many people’s main hobby. Especially after long months spent at home due to the last global sanitary crisis. Going out and running outdoor – taking the right precautionary measures – helps forgetting the time spent within four walls.

The weather is colder now and temperatures are lower so it is also likely to rain. Whether it’s summer or winter the hardest challenge when practising sport under the rain – especially when running or jogging – is making the decision of going out, but after warming up for a few minutes, running becomes more pleasant. ‘Raining’ does not mean giving up sport or staying indoor. On the contrary, rains offers an opportunity to increase mental strength and preparing for greater challenges.

Sport people may actually use some tricks to better face this type of training making it more enjoyable and productive.

A fundamental element, if not the most important one, is wearing a water repellent fabric. But there are other aspects to be taken into consideration before getting to apparel.

First of all, we’d better distinguish simple rain from storms. Going running under the rain is ok, but better not to do it during storms when lightning and bolts may be dangerous.  Wearing a baseball cap to protect one’s face and the eyes from the rain is also crucial, better if it is suitable for running and made of a breathable fabric in summer and a thicker one in winter.

Glasses are to be avoided, if possible, since they may be decrease visibility if wet and the may bring about some risks. Moreover, runners had better be visible, too. Thus they should be wearing bright reflective colors  because rain may make it difficult for drivers to see them.

While running we should always be alert and pay attention not to slip on the wet street or stumble. Puddles, even if they may also be fun, are to be avoided so as not to fall into deep holes or having wet feet.
If it is raining buckets, though, and shoes are soaked, tie your laces carefully to prevent too much water to get in. Once wet, shoes have to be dried naturally, far from heat sources and putting some newspaper pages inside to absorb water and prevent distortions which may make it difficult to wear them again.

Running in cold weather and under the rain makes us burn more calories, so nutrition and hydration are important: eat more to compensate but do not overkill.

Going back to apparel, layering is key under such weather conditions. Garments are to be chosen according to the season and should be lightweight in summer and warmer in winter. Do not forget that the most important layer is the base one, in contact with the skin which must be moisture wicking and breathable. The outer layer must be  water repellent, instead, made of materials featuring a structure made of close fibers which prevent water to get on the inside. These fabrics have to be breathable but also waterproof and moisture wicking.

Revolutional™ Teddy by Carvico, in its water repellent version, is ideal for such applications ( sportswear and athleisure ) thanks to its perfect fit.

Its name hints at its main feature: softness. Indeed, its hand feel is especially pleasant and smooth; in addition, it is comfortable and non see-through, pilling resistant and UV protective.

Mindset is as important as apparel: summer rain may be pleasant but in winter running under the rain may be less enjoyable. Still a positive attitude will make the difference. We cannot control the weather but we can control our mind!

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