Urban comfort apparel and formal attire

4 May 2021  Chiara Ternullo 

comfortable-apparel-formal-attireUrban comfort apparel leaves home and goes public. Fashion has ruled for years, but the pandemic has turned the table and now fashion has to keep up and meet the requirements of a new generation.  

Comfortable fabrics for a more functional fashion, making everybody feel at ease without compromising on style and elegance. Formal outfits have been redesigned, the classic business dress code comprising a shirt and a suit, have been reinterpreted  by using more comfortable fabrics originally conceived for other markets such as swimwear or sportswear.

As said before, a new trend was born, the so called conformal style (or comfortable chic) which blends confidence – to be confident – and elegant clothing. Those who want to look smart in front of colleagues and clients even when smart working between one call and the other, will go for a casual chic attire or, better, business casual. Comfortable chic style mixes leisure and the more serious and rigorous business code translating them into comfortable outfits which look good and feel good. 

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina new, innovative collection named Couture Collection follows this trend and blends design, fashion and technology to infuse personality, value and a new look to traditional, classic outfits, interpreting them in  a more modern and  easy-care way. 

Comfortable fabrics and formal clothes revisited in a more practical and essential way, designed to adapt to the faster pace we are going to take up again soon without giving up elegance and style .


Nylon fabrics for fashion: Revolutional® by Carvico, the high performance fabric par excellence  


Unprecedented, functional trousers, shirts and jackets: a true revolution started by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina! Putting together techno-features taken from sportswear and a more urban style, a new style called formal-activewear was officially created. Contemporary charm and classic, sartorial flair.

Nylon fabrics for formal fashion are the secret ingredient to obtain comfort and adaptability. Let’s find out more about polyamide main features  by presenting Revolutional® by Carvico, the high performance fabric par excellence.

Revolutional® is a last generation fabric featuring two International patents for the protection of its innovative construction and production process. Revolutional® boasts all the typical characteristics of  comfortable fabrics: it is bi-elastic, breathable, fast drying and ensures a perfect fit. Moreover, it is UV protective ( UPF 50+), resistant to tear and wear and pilling. What makes Revolutional® by Carvico so versatile and suitable for formal-activewear  is its look, which is really similar to traditional woven fabrics’. Matt, “crispy” and especially really comfortable, Revolutional® by Carvico  is also suitable for the creation of tailored items.

Let’s move on now to find out why micro polyamide is also one of the best fabrics for shirting.


Fabrics for shirts:  Jersey Lomellina key word is functionality


The new millennium commuter needs functionality and flexibility. Roads, squares and train stations are crowded 24/7, the journey from home to the workplace is getting longer and longer and people use the transportation that best suits their exigencies: cars, scooters, bicycles, trains and buses. Whatever the journey, the most important thing is feeling comfy and relaxed:  thanks to the performance fabrics for men and women’s shirts and blouses  by Jersey Lomellina comfort is granted. 

Fabrics for shirting are soft to the touch, flexible, lightweight and no-iron. The exclusive 4-way stretch fabric is moisture wicking and keeps the body dry and fresh with no unpleasant smell: Jersey Lomellina has designed the perfect fabric for shirting!

Moreover, prints, make these fabrics for shirting look like the classic fabrics for business attire: twill, diagonal, pin-point, mini check, plain colors and geometric shapes for a trendy touch. Whether we are talking about a shirt to match a suit or a polo shirt for after work,  Jersey Lomellina comfortable fabrics are sustainability champions and look elegant and dynamic.


The other applications of performance fabrics for fashion: jackets, coats and trousers


Further to breathable shirts, Revolutional® and the wide family of  comfortable fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are also suitable for other applications: the world of performance fabrics is evolving and already includes, for instance,  jackets, coats and trousers made of performance fabrics which are not made for sport but more specifically for casualwear. 

Tokyo by Carvico is ideal for the creation of a techno-jacket. Tokyo is a high performance bonded fabric. Wrap-around and lightweight, it ensures comfort and freedom of movement. Jackets made of a comfortable techno-fabric  such as Tokyo can be machine washed and is no-iron, and stays perfect even after a long working day, a flight or a business travel.

A total look made with fabrics created by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, designed for modern and dynamic men including “space saving”, easy-care and comfortable shirts, jackets and trousers.

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina team will be glad to help you choose the most suitable fabric among their performance fabrics for fashion. Thanks to such comfortable fabrics you can turn a classic item into something totally new, with a modern look and high tech performance. Contact us and pick your fabric!


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