What does “brushed knit fabric” mean?

brushed knit fabric is an extremely soft and comfortable techno-fabric, especially pleasant when worn in direct contact with the skin.

The soft brushing process they undergo enhance their thermal insulation properties, creating a sort of protective cushion.

Brushed knit fabric control humidity, ensure breathability and keep the body temperature steady, for sports performance at the highest levels, even at very cold temperatures.

Brushed knit fabrics, ideal for sportswear

Soft, lightweight, comfortable. The brushed knit fabrics created by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina put together comfort and performance: that is why also the most demanding athletes love them. Their surface is, indeed, characterized by a slightly open structure, designed to ensure excellent , thermal insulation.

Our brushed fabrics are, therefore, velvety and breathable. A must-have to control humidity and body temperature during training sessions and competitions, thus enhancing atheltic performance.

Brused cotton by Carvico and JL, lightweight par excellence 

Not only sportswear: the special brushing process created by Carvico is a winning choice in all contexts which may required breathable fabrics such as summer apparel, especially womenswear: swimwear, lightweight blouses and  beachwear; but also medical apparel, furnishing and interior design items, fashion collections, and much more. 

Our brushed knit fabrics are fast drying and will always feel fresh on your skin. Not only: they are also pilling and abrasions resistant,  UV protective and antibacterial.


Carvico has created several brushed knit fabrics, with different textures depending on their applications (read more about our brushed fabrics).

Do not hesitate to contact us about our brushed knit fabrics and about the main features of the brushed cotton by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina.


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