Cosa significa “tessuto traspirante”

Wearing the right clothes when practising sport, both indoor and outdoor, is the first step to take if you want to achieve the best possible results in your training sessions. One of the fundamental features of high quality sportswear is the fact of being made of breathable fabric. Breathability is the capacity of a fabric to absorb moisture and boost its natural evaporation ensuring freshness, protection and comfort during exercise.

Therefore, highly breathable fabrics promote oxygen exchange between the external environment and garments themselves. When we are wearing garments which fit our body like a second skin, it is essential that such garments are fully breathable.

Sweat must dry fast not to remain too long in contact with the skin, thus allowing a natural thermo regulation of the body, reducing energy consumption and ensuring more comfort. Moreover, sweat leads to the spreading of bacteria causing bad smell and itches: this is why it is crucial to choose high-tech fabrics made of high end raw materials, such as the breathable fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina.

The ideal partners for your training sections, the garments made with breathable fabric are perfect both all year long, since they help muscles to stay warm in winter, and, being fast drying, allow the body to remain fresh and dry in summer.

Our breathable fabrics


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