The use of breathable fabrics in fashion

21 July 2020  officine_admin 

The comfort of waterproof and breathable fabrics in the apparel world

We are living in a transitional period during which we are expected to face increasingly extreme climate changes. The fashion industry is supposed to take notice of such environmental changes so as to be able to offer us trendy but also comfortable products. With the increase in the planet temperature, for instance, the use of breathable fabrics has become a must, especially in the  outerwear and fitness markets.

This also applies in case of cold weather, since retaining heat means also keep the body dry. Should waterproof fabrics not be breathable, garments would get soaked wet due to the moisture produced by the skin, and it would be impossible to feel warm. Applying waterproofing treatments without making fabrics breathable equals to protecting the body from outside conditions but getting wet  and sticky on the inside.

A breathable and waterproof garment is instead aimed at protecting the body from harsh weather conditions, preventing rain from penetrating while wicking moisture thus protecting both the skin and the garment itself.

Breathability is crucial from different points of view: it prevents overheating or cooling down too fast, boosts the body natural thermo-regulation allowing air to circulate keeping the body fresh, which is especially important for summer moisture wicking fabrics.
A garment made of moisture wicking, water repellent performance fabrics offers what follows:

  • Protection from rain and wind
  • Comfort
  • Moisture management and body temperature management
  • Dry and healthy skin

Breathable and waterproof fabrics are lightweight, durable and easy care, ideal for outerwear.

The importance of breathable fabrics for tight fitting garments

When you are creating tight fitting garments, for instance for fitness, you need to use breathable and moisture wicking performance sportswear fabrics. Boosting the natural evaporation of moisture and being fast drying, breathable fabricsstay fresh and prevent bacteria from spreading causing bad smell.

Athleisure  is extremely trendy in this period, and makes a frequent use of breathable, water repellent fabrics. We are talking about sporty items with an extra touch of glamour, which have become part of our daily wardrobe. Leggings, crop tops, sweaters, T-shirts, etc, share the common characteristic of being in permanent contact with the skin. It is therefore crucial for designers to use fabrics which can ensure maximum comfort.

Carvico, Jersey Lomellina and their top notch breathable, moisture wicking fabrics

We have just listed the main features of this type of fabrics. Now, we are going to provide you with some examples taken from  Carvico and Jersey Lomellina’ collections so that designers and brands may find a wide selection of innovative, high end water repellent and breathable fabrics conceived for different garments and styles.

Breathable fabrics are widely used for  shirt making. Shirts are often worn all day and they need to stay fresh and comfortable. Oxford by Jersey Lomellina is ideal for the creation of moisture wicking, easy care and extremely comfortable shirts, thanks to its perfect elasticity. Classic and elegant, it boasts a special structure reminding to the Oxford pattern with the extra plus of its stretch.

High end athleisure items also require the use of breathable fabrics guaranteeing the correct evaporation of sweat.  Among the fabrics featuring such characteristic, we can find B-Chic by Jersey Lomellina which stands out for its soft, delicate and comfy hand feel.

Fabrics for leggings, fitness and outerwear  items are expected to naturally follow every move the body makes, B-Fashion by Jersey Lomellina can do this and also boasts two different sides: one piece dyed and the other solid dyed in black.  This is one of many bi-colored, double faced fabrics with a mèlange patter on one side and a solid color on the other. In contact with the skin polyester wicks moisture which is then dispersed into the atmosphere thanks to the polyamide side thus keeping the garments fresh and dry.

3D Medium by Jersey Lomellina is instead ideal for creating t-shirts and glamorous items. It is lightweight and versatile, with an exclusive piquet effect deriving from its special structure.

The trendiest and most stylish garments need fabrics ensuring a perfect fit and originality. Carvico has created  Revolutional® Gloss, innovative, ultra light and glossy, almost wet-looking while Jersey Lomellina can offer Spicy, a “snow crash”, pop and trendy mélange fabric shaping the silhouette without constraints. Soft and breathable, Spicy is especially suitable for fitness items and  T-shirts.

Thanks to their casual look, raw cut, seamless items are becoming more and more popular. Jersey Lomellina has created Renew Prime for this: a bi-elastic, sustainable fabric made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon  ensuring a perfect fit and a long term shape retention power. Thanks to its elastic memory, it does not curl and can be used for extremely comfortable items.

Printed garments are also still popular. Touch It by Jersey Lomellina is a micro-stretch, ideal for free cut items and transfer printing. Extremely comfortable, it fits the body like a second skin, is non see-through and offer extreme freedom of movement and  freshness.

The future is “breathable”

Producing high performance garments which can protect us while being breathable is a must for the future of fashion.  Water repellent and breathable fabrics by  Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are high quality designed for those brands looking for high performance and original fabrics aimed at creating innovative collections offering comfort and wellbeing .

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