What does “bonded fabric”mean?

A bonded fabric is a cutting edge techno-fabric, which can guarantee unique and inimitable performances, to better satisfy the needs of all athletes. They are really versatile and suit countless applications in addition to sportswear, in fact they are also suitable for the creation of casual and fashionable attire.

The main feature of a bonded fabric is its ability to put together the best characteristics of two fabrics in the same product, with the extra plus of a windproof, breathable membrane. When a membrane is added, the outer layer is treated with a waterproof substance to ensure better performances in case it rains.

Bonded fabrics by Carvico and JL boast a wide range of stylish color variants, for trendy, ton sur ton, or contrasting matches, to be exploited for the creation of high performance, creative and stylish techno-garments.