Golf clothing: the real “must have” from the PGA Show

9 March 2023  Michele Cossu 

Technical golf clothes for menThe opening event for 2023 for Carvico and Jersey Lomellina has been the PGA Show of Orlando, the main global trade fair focusing on golf which has offered both companies the best opportunity of the year to display their crown jewels, the cream of the crop both in terms of performance and high-tech features. While the most famous brands of the sector premièred their new collections and accessories there, the two Italian companies – headquartered in the district of Bergamo and among the few textile entities selected by the fair organizers – took the chance to present the latest novelties in their collections. 

Let’s go through the main steps in the event.

The event was obviously focused on golf clothing: our performance fabrics have been used to ensure comfort and freedom of movement and to enhance players’ skills and performance

How to choose the right golf clothes

If in the past golf was perceived as a very exclusive sport, nowadays it has definitely become more “inclusive”. People’s willingness to spend more time outdoors, in contact with nature, the need to reconnect with our inner world and to escape into silent environments so to be able to destress and get away from daily hassle, have made golf trendy and popular.

Being an all-year-round, outdoor activity, the choice of the right golf clothes is crucial to ensure players can achieve the best performance and to adapt to very different weather conditions and temperatures. 

Summer garments are expected to be breathable, UV protective (UPF 50+), moisture wicking and anti-bacteria. 

Winter garments must ensure the right thermal insulation, have to be breathable and moisture wicking to keep the body dry and warm.  

In spring, summer, fall or winter, choosing garments made of high-quality, comfortable fabrics which do not constrain the body and ensure the right fit, pilling and abrasions resistance is fundamental.          

Therefore, we need now to talk about our fabrics collections.

Our performance fabrics for golf

Technical golf clothes for womenThe PGA Show has offered us, especially Jersey Lomellina, the opportunity to present two brand-new, eco-sustainable fabrics: Renew Diamond and Renew Flash. Both perforated and made of post-consumer, recycled polyester (PET), they are lightweight, breathable, and suitable for catchy and bold transfer prints. 3D, 3D medium and 3D brushed were also highly appreciated: for years now, our “classic performance piquet fabrics” have been extremely popular among brands thanks to their vintage but high-tech look which characterizes also the brushed version designed for lower temperatures. 

Carvico, instead, put on display its evergreen for Golf: Revolutional, in its eco-sustainable version made of regenerated polyamide from pre- and post-consumer waste materials. 

Mild and Colorado complemented the range on display. Mild is warp-knitted and comfortable, ideal for the creation of t-shirts, stretch shirts and tops; Colorado, Carvico evergreen, boasts an ultra-soft, brushed, peachy hand-feel both in contact with the skin and on the outside, for a contemporary and sensorial look.

The selection of reliable, high-quality performance fabrics is the essential starting point for the creation of TOP collections blending beauty and performance.

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