Fabrics for underwear, making the right choice

3 October 2019  officine_admin 

Underwear e tessuti per l’intimoFabrics for underwear, making the right choice is really important

 «If love is blind… why is lingerie so popular?», wondered Dorothy Parker (1893-1967), an American smart and sharp writer.

 This thought introduces the topic of this article: the importance to choose the right underwear, in terms of quality, functionality and charm. And much more than this. 

One of the most interesting factors, when it comes to fabrics for women lingerie, is finding out about the marks left on the items by the sector evolutions.                     

Lingerie can be sexy, stylish, glamorous, sporty, comfy. It is lovely when it fits our silhouette making us feel comfortable but also elegant and self confident.  And all such ideas become even more interesting when, “ behind the scenes”, there are some precious fabrics which enhance the most important features of our lingerie items.   

Indeed, every type of fabric can translate into different shapes and aesthetic characteristics transferred to the garments. Such variety is the main feature of a market, the underwear market, which blends classic items and surprises, consolidated by fabrics which ensure both comfort and beauty. Let’s find out more about some of them.

When textiles are glamorous

Here is a general overview of fabrics for lingerie which we may have used pretty often without knowing much about their specific features. Obviously, there are the big classics, such as cotton and silk, both suitable for the creation of glossy, cool and confy items. But that is not all.

Polyamide also plays an important role in the field. Know by most people as Nylon, however, it boasts several interesting properties. Strong and comfortable, fabrics for underwear made of polyamide are ideal for those who are after high quality garments. Elasticity is also very important. Thus, using high quality elastomeric fibers is key to achieve the best performance and maximum comfort.

 The ability to follow the body and shape its curves is what makes performance fabrics perfect for underwear and lingerie.

Precious fabrics, like those by  Jersey Lomellina 

Jersey Lomellina attention for fabrics for underwear and lingerie, translates in one main concept : diversity.

Since women’s needs when it comes to their lingerie items, are also diverse and various, according to everyone’s lifestyle: some prefer sexy, charmy items whereas some prefer more structured garments which offer the right support without constraint and are therefore ideal for sport; finally there are those customers who look for comfortable items to be worn every day, even in the most stressful situations.

Jersey Lomellina has always been good at launching high quality fabrics for lingerie which are also beautiful and which can be used to create perfect lingerie items designed for women.

 Two of the most relevant examples, Piuma Plus and Honey, are high gauge fabrics which are soft, lightweight but also compact and non see-through. Piuma Plus is stylish and sophisticated, while Honey, thanks to its silky hand feel, is as soft as a caress  and is ideal for the creation of petticoats and chemises which can also be worn on the outside.

 Ultra-thin and elegant, silky and precious, also New Seta is suitable for classy lingerie which delicately embraces the silhohuette making the body feel fresh and dry, thanks to its extra-smooth surface.

 Hight tech, lively and innovative, Young Fit Light, made of  NOVAREL® Anti-OX micro-encapsulated fiber, rich in anti-oxydant principles such as Aloe vera and Vitamin E, can help fighting the skin aging process. A surprising property matched with a high shaping power which proves that Jersey Lomellina works to produce its fabrics for underwear thinking about different applications and requirements: comfort, lightweight, beauty and taste.

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