Fabrics for dancing: a world of rhythm

29 October 2019  officine_admin 

Dance wear fabricsA harmonious discipline requires quality garments

Live like you’ll die tomorrow, work like you don’t need the money, dance like nobody’s watching.

A celebration of freedom of movement and of the body by Bob Fosse, a Broadway choreographer  and a film director who directed movies such as Cabaret and Chicago.

We are obviously talking about dancing, a form of art which is as old as man himself and has developed in several different forms reaching up to today.

Due to the fact that we are talking about such a various discipline which has generated really diverse genres – ballet, modern dancing and contemporary dancing – dancewear garments and fabrics for dancing  play an even more crucial role.

Dancewear for the four seasons

There are a few iconic garments which characterize the different genres and which we have all been fascinated by, at least once in our lives.

Ballet clothing, for instance, has definitely contributed to defining and codifying they style of such a strict discipline, whose technique is at the basis of all other genres.   

Ballet leotards, tutus, pointe shoes and half pointe shoes tell about a universe made of commitment and sacrifices: tiny young dancers or étoiles, they have all started their careers wearing these items characterized by a timeless charm.

“Training” is important, too, even when it comes to children dancewear: from wrap-around cardigans to leg warmers, whether made of wool or stretch fabrics, soft cotton or polyester, to large pants  ideal for warming up and keeping the body temperature steady.

Also other genres have got their own iconic garments: let’s take modern dancing dancewear as an example, whose items have become part of our history thanks to films dating back to the ‘80s such Staying Alive, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing. Sweatsuits, top tanks and leggings tell about street life and alternate with more comfortable dresses reminding us to artists like  Pina Bausch.

Knowing what to wear when dancing is not only a matter of style: beauty is essential but comfort is essential too when it comes to dancewear.

Carvico fabrics for dancewear: the classics

A form of art connected to body movements requires different types of performance fabrics.

Such fabrics shall be high quality and are expected to enhance the charm and prestige of such an important art.

Dancing is synonymous to glamour, meditation and freedom, and pays a consistent homage to the human body. 

Fabrics for dance wear shall therefore enhance dynamism, fit the body like a second skin and help dancers express themselves fluidly and precisely.

Among Carvico fabrics for dancewear we find Sumatra: one of the “great classics” of Carvico collection, a fabric whose main feature is its unmistakable gloss.

Sumatra is the perfect mix of elegance and comfort, and embraces the silhouette without constraints.

Aldabra is also another iconic fabric for dancewear : a creased velvet with a powerful visual impact. Thanks to its natural glow, it is highly appreciated for its ability to harmoniously dress up the body and for its outstanding beauty.

With its intense, bright and sophisticated nuances, this creation by Carvico is a born star: it is no surprise, then, if it is one of the most appreciated fabrics for dancewear.

Dancewear requires innovation and modernity

Innovation is also key to dancewear: Alicante, one of the latest creations by Carvico is extremely innovative and high-tech. It is a bi-elastic mesh which is ideal for see-through inserts to be matched with refined and elegant details.

Alicante is ultra-thin, comfortable and follows the body every move – a fundamental features for dancers and dance lovers.

Panama like Aldabra, is a velvet but, in this case, we are talking about a smooth and glossy, bright and extremely comfortable fabric. Its surface reflects light and look iridescent and stylish, perfect for a trendy street-style.

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