Equestrian clothing, all the secrets!

14 October 2019  officine_admin 

tessuti equitazioneHorse riding while wearing high quality fabrics

Horse riding is a noble and elegant art.

Let’s think about empress Elisabeth of Bavaria, better known as “Sissi”, a woman who went down in history as the symbol of freedom and courage and who, as you may know, was also ver good at horse riding.

However, talent is not enough if you want to become an expert of  horse riding, since wearing the right equestrian clothing is crucial, too, as well as the use of suitable fabrics enhancing the garments performance.

Equestrian clothing: the importance of boots and caps

Riding professionally and safely means relying on the right accessories. For instance, there are no jokeys without  the right riding boots, reaching up to the knee and having a strong sole to protect the jokeys’ feet on the stirrups.

Such boots, often made of leather, must not have any decorations – these latter may get entangled and cause damage – and may be matched with a pair of spurs.

Another fundamental accessory among horse riding equipment  is the cap. It must be breathable and safe since its task is to protect the rider’s head from violent impacts.

Horse riding breeches, beautiful and diverse

Also  riding breeches play a crucial role as part of horse riding apparel. Tight fitting on the calves and suitable to be fitted inside the boots, the exist in several models for women, men and kids.   

Women’s models, whether classic or similar to leggings – standing out for their elasticity and the ability to ensure maximum freedom of movement – are designed for different types of silhouettes.

Kids’ equestrian clothing need the same attention and care as the garments designed for adults; even in this case trousers can be breathable and waterproof and suitable for different climate conditions.

Carvico, fabrics for equestrian clothing

Both Carvico and Jersey Lomellina boast a bold an energetic selection of fabrics for equestrian clothing. Let’s check their proposals.

Aosta is a bonded, soft and brushed performance fabric by Carvico ideal for outdoor sports, ideal for horse riding. Thanks to its shape retention power, its perfect fit and softness, it is ideal for riders who want to feel comfy.

Lightweight and elasticity are instead  the main features of Malaga, one of Carvico best sellers. Wre are talking about a great classic, which is highly resistant to abrasions and ideal to have fun on the saddle without compromising on comfort.

A high quality performance fabric, Revolutional Energy, strong and supportive, is the heaviest member of the Revoltional family and can reduce and delay the production of lactic acid. Ultra thin, bi-elastic and breathable, Revolutional™ Energy  reduces muscle strain and enhances sport performance.

Vuelta by Carvico is instead especially breathable and, thanks to its brushed surface, thermally insulating and therefore ideal for horse riding apparel and sportswear in general.

Jersey Lomellina contribution to equestrian clothing

Even  Jersey Lomellina fabrics collection can boast several properties and features which can be of an interest for the world of  equestrian clothing, in particular for the production of t-shirts.

Lightweight, non see-through and with a trendy ton-sur-ton heather effect  Favola is pleasant to wear, breathable and fast dryin; moreover, Favola fits the body like a second skin and is ideal for outdoor sports – maybe matched with a cap and a pair of comfy boots, on a horseback …

But this is not all, Jersey Lomellina has also designed some products for the most fashion conscious riders, such as  Festa, a mélange fabric which is breathable, stylish and delicate, but also fast drying, comfortable and soft.

Finally, always among the fabrics for equestrian clothing, we find Fantasia : another heather fabric, extremely refined, which fits the body perfectly without constraints and is perfect for comfy and stylish sportswear items.

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