Eco-sustainable sportswear fabrics: advantages and performance

20 April 2023  officine_admin 

On March 15 and 16, le aziende Carvico and Jersey Lomellina exhibited at Performance Days in Munich: the exhibition dedicated to  sportswear, beachwear, athleisure and technical fabrics.

Since 2008 this event has been hosting 385 of the biggest fabric makers in the world which present their materials and collections, latest developments and innovations, with a special focus on sustainable performance fabrics.

Let’s see how Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have addressed this topic and which products they presented at this edition.


Which should brands choose eco-sustainable technical and performance fabrics ?


The sportswear sector plays a crucial role in preserving our planet and eco-system by developing sustainable materials which contribute to lower the impact of the whole textile supply chain.

In addition to contributing to the preservation of natural resources, eco-sustainable sportswear fabrics are designed to be long-lasting, so they do not need to be replaced as often as in the past, thus generating less. Furthermore, they ensure better performance, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials which translate in maximum comfort and freedom of movement.


Carvico and Jersey Lomellina eco-sustainable performance fabrics


Carvico and Jersey Lomellina collections comprise several product ranges with a green soul which perfectly blend performance and the ability to preserve our planet.

They are therefore the ideal choice for those sportspeople who are into high-quality, high-performance, comfortable and sustainable sportswear garments.

Among its stretch, warp-knit fabrics Carvico displayed Brisbane REC, made of recycled polyester.

This type of material has been chosen for the production of young, sustainable and cool items, boasting extreme softness and bright colours.

It is ideal for glamorous performance items such as sportswear tops, leggings and shorts.

Carvico also presented Norway, a soft, brushed, Eco fabric which is especially pleasant on the skin. Moisture wicking, breathable and thermally insulating, it is ideal for the production of long-sleeved sportswear t-shirts and cycling vests. Made of ECONYL ® , 100% regenerated nylon yarn from pre- and post-consumer waste materials such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff and tulle, it is extremely high-tech.

Also, among the many products exhibited we can find Vuelta, an innovative, brushed performance fabric for outdoor training sessions and challenging sports such as skiing and snowboarding.  Soft and wraparound, it protects the body from sudden temperature changes while also being efficiently moisture wicking; this fabric by is the perfect solution for your sportswear sweaters and hoodies.

Talking about innovation we cannot forget about Artica, bi-elastic and with a special cocoon brushing, it is extremely soft and comfortable.

Inspired by polar bears fur, it is made of hundreds of hollow filaments which enhance the body thermoregulation and reduce energy consumption. Its extreme performance are ideal for cycling bibs.

Last but not least, Aosta and Colorado: this latter is one of Carvico evergreen products, made of polyamide and bi-elastic, it was designed for sportswear, long-sleeved t-shirts ideal for outdoor use, offering high resistance and UV protection. Aosta, instead, whose name talks about its strict relationship with the mountains and snow, is a bonded fabric, ideal for winter outdoor activities. A perfect blend of performance, functionality and comfort, thanks to its soft brushing, it is best used for the creation of windstopper jackets.


Among Jersey Lomellina products, the Renew family stands out for its amazing performance and their fully sustainable DNA.

Renew Flash and Renew Diamond are the company latest products: made of a yarn deriving from post-industrial and post-consumer waste materials, they are the perfect mix of style, expertise, and functionality. Renew Flash perforated structure and its zig-zag pattern and Renew Diamond micro-perforated surface  create a fresh and lightweight texture and increase breathability. In partneship with Stamperia Alicese from Turin, the company has created, especially for Performance Days, two printed due t-shirts for summer cycling collections.

Made of a 100% recycled yarn from recycled plastic bottles, lightweight and breathable: we are talking about Renew Action, a sustainable fabric for activewear t-shirts designed to keep the skin dry during training sessions.

Renew Waffle is both stylish and high-performance. Ideal for the creation of short-sleeved outdoor shirts, it hints at sustainable fashion since it is made of ECONYL ® , a Nylon yarn from pre- and post-consumer waste materials such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff and tulle.

Renew Prime, bi-elastic and sustainable, is also made of ECONYL® regenerated yarn. It offers a perfect fit and a long shape memory, along with the ideal muscular compression. Thanks to such elastic memory, it is suitable for seamless, raw cut items such as leggings for outdoor use.

B-Natural, also designed for raw cut items, combines cotton sustainability and polyamide techno-features thus being ideal for high-end athleisure leggings.

Wonder Light, is lightweight, compact and non-see-through and shapes the silhouette during sport activities such as running and fitness and has often been used for the creation of long-sleeved shirts.


In short, opting for sustainable sportswear items is a conscious and responsible choice, blending performance and environmentalism. Thanks to our innovative performance fabrics, both professional athletes and amateurs can train and compete enjoying maximum freedom of movement, without lim

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