The new 2024 fabric’s color card

20 September 2022  officine_admin 

fabrics colors trendsDesigning color cards for an upcoming season is always an exciting and stimulating process. We study the market, identify the trends for swimwear, activewear, or men’s and women’s fashion, and conceive of the proposals that will be made to meet client demands and fashion taste.

For Spring Summer 2024 we have already designed the color cards of our fabrics, with some new entry in the world of recycled and sportswear.

Color trends 2024

In order to describe the 2024 fashion colors, we made the decision to highlight our recycled items, making them the protagonists of the collection in part due to the extension of the color palette.

We did this by dedicating a large general card to Renew Cult, which went from 25 colors to 48, ideal for the swimwear and sportswear industries: this card also refers to Renew Style and Renew Fine, which could previously only count on ten colors.

Also Renew Folk, characterized by an elegant and functional shiny flat rib structure, comes with a totally renewed look: its sophisticated colors, designed for the development of young, fresh, and sparkling bathroom garments, make it a fabric of great charm.

Fashion Spring Summer 2024 Color Trends

Another major transformation concerns Nair, an evergreen fabric perfect for sportswear, that in recent seasons has evolved to establish itself in the world of fitness and leisurewear.

As a consequence, we decided to separate it from Wonder and Nilo fabrics, with which it shared the colors, and dedicate its own card of 25 specific colors for fitness-sportwear use, to enable it to grow in this sector.

The Wonder and Nilo collection has also been enriched, now featuring 68 colors entirely dedicated to the swimwear industry; the color card therefore becomes a milestone for Jersey Lomellina as it embodies the trends of beachwear.

For Festa, Favola and Fantasia, light mélange fabrics – respectively with white, ton sur ton and black lines – designed for underwear or fitness garments, we have enlarged the folder giving the right space to each color. The 2024 fashion colors for these three fabrics are a real novelty: the inspiration comes from the world of leisure clothing and shirts with some fitness accent.

In particular, on Festa we have recreated an atmosphere in the Portofino-style with light colors, which are also perfect as bases for printing. Favola was created with more intense hues with the male market in mind: it is perfect used as a false plain, because it looks like a natural fabric but is actually technical and practical. Also Fantasia, partly equipped with contrasting sporty colors and partly with its dark and deep colors, looks towards the winter men’s shirts.

2024 fashion colors: who chooses them? How?

fabric colors trends 2024The creation of the color cards is the result of an in-depth research and continuous monitoring of fashion shows and brands. Starting from what we observe, we make projections on what will happen in the market in the next two years.

After these first steps of market analysis, the creative work of our fashion designer begins: it is a real “color hunt” to find the most beautiful and current colors in order to compose the palette of our trends.

There is no standard method to follow. What makes the difference is designers’ sensitivity,
expertise, cultural background, and knowledge. These are the key ingredients to create
catchy and inspirational tools conceived to tickle the creativity of those fashion designers
who will then choose Jersey Lomellina as their partner for the creation of their collections.


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