Technical Fabrics revolutionize Men’s Fashion

28 July 2022  officine_admin 

hitech fabrics for man's shirtsMen’s fashion, in recent years, has been experiencing a significant transformation affecting the selection of fabrics used to make clothing. Innovative, performance fabrics with hi-tech fibers have become more and more popular.

At this year’s Pitti Uomo, models wore easygoing, informal clothes that were made of breathable, comfortable, lightweight materials.

Fashion reflects changes in lifestyle, which translate in the need for new clothing.




Performance fabrics and men’s fashion: a winning match also for formal attire

To fulfill these needs, men’s fashion is increasingly adopting performance fabrics, that display a contemporary aesthetic in line with the casual and formal masculine style. These fabrics must be easy-care, preferably no- iron, and washable in water, as well as easy-living, comfortable and elastic, breathable, quick drying, and anti-wrinkle.

The design of clothes is driven by technical innovation, in an intertwining of design, fashion, and technology. A new style of clothing is created, which goes from formal to neo-formal.

At Pitti Uomo spring-summer 2023 edition, in line with this macro-trend, brands presented various functional garments made with highly technological materials, designed with practicality and convenience in mind. The features of these clothes are inspired by the great outdoors and adventurous travels: waterproof, extra-light and windproof, antibacterial, highly breathable.

Let’s take outerwear as the main example of this trend: fashion shows presented several items characterized by the use of innovative fabrics, multifunctional pockets, and ad hoc zips, creating unexpected combinations in the name of comfort. Bermuda shorts and joggers complete the outfits.

This revolutionary style also involves the world of natural yarns that have also become technical, contemporary, and versatile. We find combinations of cotton and polyamide, which is used to enhance the high-tech features of garments such as shirts, which are designed to be no-iron and quick-drying.


The best perfromance fabrics for fashion: Revolutional™ by Carvico

Anticipating this trend, the fabrics of Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, formerly popular in the sportswear and beachwear markets, have become the undisputed protagonists of the new “Couture Collection – Special Edition” line. Although provided in color palettes appropriate for the fashion industry, these technical materials are, above all, carriers of new values. Their use makes it possible to rethink formal clothing traditional lines, making them more modern and functional.

Of all the Carvico fabrics, the perfect one for this purpose – as well as the most used – is Revolutional™. It is a last generation performance fabric, very thin and light, boasting two international patents – one for its innovative construction and one for its production process. Its technical features make it even more complete: comfortable thanks to its “4-way stretch”, light but compact, breathable and quick-drying, wear-resistant (no pilling and no abrasion), it maintains its shape and does not need ironing.

By choosing Revolutional™ you will be able to make trousers, jackets, outerwear, coats with new high-tech features, combining a great look and a pleasant hand feel. In this way, the typical properties of sportswear fabrics are used to the benefit of the new urban wear, giving it both a contemporary look and competitive performance.

Additionally, Revolutional™ patents do not refer only to its innovative structure, but also its sustainable production process: this fabric, like all the others in the Carvico and Jersey Lomellina fashion collections, has been awarded the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certification, promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most significant international non-profit organizations for responsible and sustainable development in the textile industry.

A revolution on your skin by Jersey Lomellina

Even Jersey Lomellina, thanks to the use of performing yarns, has created several, different fabrics for shirts that are all stretch, perfectly fitting, lightweight, breathable and quick drying, as well as high quality.

Shirts made with JL fabrics are extremely easy-care, compact, opaque, perfectly fitting and no-iron. All that is required to stop them from creasing is to hang them. We are talking about garments which are suitable for every situation: once worn you will no longer want to take them off.

Among the fabrics designed to make these garments we find Festa Favola Fantasia, three variations of mélange, which make the fabric naturally dynamic and ensure prints a three-dimensional effect and a casual look.


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