The world of swimwear fabrics

The world of swimwear fabricsLet’s face it, having a bikini body is never easy! Even after months of training and dieting, the moment to get undressed is awkward for everybody. If we also consider the effect of beachwear which don’t fit the body properly and don’t follow our moves, we will never feel at ease on the beach or at the swimming pool. That’s why all swimwear fabrics by Carvico are engineered, designed and offered to the market after they have passed several strict physical and visual tests. We start from the choice of raw materials, strictly of excellent quality, that can transfer to the swimwear fabrics all the features needed, to be select as the ideal partner for our summers. The premium ingredient to ensure a perfect wearability is definitely the elastomer. In Carvico and Jersey Lomellina only the best elastomeric fibers, available on the market, are used: fibers which resist to the action of suntan creams and oils, twice as much as standards. Moreover, our collection comprises several beachwear fabrics which, thanks to their innovative construction, are sand resistant too: no more grains among the fibers! Swimwear fabrics have to maintain their beauty over time: bright and solid colors are fundamental to prevent our beachwear to look too vintage (even when vintage is in fashion!) Every color recipe created in Carvico and Jersey Lomellina is designed to ensure the highest color fastness values (i.e. resistance) when fabrics are exposed to light, repeated washings, sea and chlorinated water, in compliance with ISO and US certifications, used as references by our customers.

The excellence of fabric for swimwear by Carvico and JL

For over 50 years, our core business has been the production of stretch fabric for swimwear or, if we want to used a more international language swimwear fabric. Carvico and Jersey Lomellina products have been chosen by the biggest national and international brands of the sector, which can count on a wide selection of colors, which are always available in stock, if picked among the ones included in our color cards, or they can decide to ask us to create them in a very short time. This is our strength: we can follow and support our customers with “tailor made”. That’s why the fabric for swimwear made by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina is the first choice of young designers: assistance and timely deliveries all over the world are synonymous with quality and reliability, which have always been our key words.

Our swimwear fabrics


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