The world of sports fabrics

Although fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have always been used for the production of sportswear, we are proud to say that, especially over the past few years, our offer of sports fabrics has improved and expanded, and has become more and more specific and carefully targeted. Our sportswear fabrics are designed to ensure the best performance and all the technical features needed for the production of high tech garments. Several important sport brands use our sport fabrics for the production of their technical clothes. 

Performance sport fabrics

A good Lycra fabric for sportswear is expected to guarantee:

  • the right muscular compression: sportswear fabric must support and follow every move so to reduce the production of lactic acid even during long and challenging training sessions;
  • excellent breathability: moisture must be quickly transferred to the outer layer of the garments to keep the skin fresh and dry, preventing itches and the spreading of bacteria which may cause bad smell. Breathable sport fabrics are a must to ensure hight performance;
  • resistance to pilling and abrasions: in sports like mtb cycling, for example, falls are quite common.  That’s why we need resistant fabrics for specific areas in the sportswear business.
  • shape retention: the use of high quality raw materials and the innovative construction of fibers in sportswear enhance garments durability and resistance to washing;
  • perfect fit and excellent comfort: sports fabrics must embrace the silhouette and follow the body movements without constraints to ensure maximum freedom of movement;
  • UV protection: our skin must be protected from external agents, and especially UV rays, every time we practice sport, both in summer and in winter. Sports fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina offer a UPF 50+ protection factor;
  • thermal protection: in case of fabrics designed for winter sports, thermal insulation is fundamental. Sportswear fabrics must enhance the body thermoregulation process, by releasing heat on the basis of the external temperature and the intensity of the effort, so as to avoid energy loss and improve performance.

The excellence of sportswear fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina

We are leaders in the Italian activewear sector. We produce and sell high end sportswear fabrics, and we boast a broad and various collection. Over the past few years, our R&D has focused on the creation of innovative nylon sport fabrics, through the selection of high-tech raw materials and special constructions aimed at guaranteeing the best technical performance.

A few thermally insulating fabrics have recently been added to our collection, designed to protect the body from cold. We are talking about a selection of brushed fabrics and bonded fabrics created to support athletes in winter, when temperatures are low, which can ensure a perfect fit, high insulation power and excellent breathability.  Moreover, customers can ask for several special treatments which can enhance the performance of their sportswear fabrics.

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