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25 November 2021  officine_admin 

winter sport fabrics: best thermic fabrics for sportswearPractising outdoor sports is good for our body, this is why we should not give them up also in winter. Training when the weather is cold is ok, as long as some conditions are respected, such as the choice of the right sportswear.

Performance garments are crucial when practising sport outdoors in winter: when temperature is low, our body can generate heat by moving, thus it is not a good idea to select clothes to wear on the basis of the temperature we perceive when we are still.

You don’t need to wear multiple layers of hyper warm clothes or fleece sweatsuits. It’s enough to choose the right winter fabrics for your performance winter sportswear! We are talking about items which can protect you from cold while allowing your to keep the right body temperature.

How can you choose the right winter sportswear? Let’s start from the mistakes not to be made!


Guidelines for the selection of the right thermal apparel for your winter sports: mistakes to be avoided


The most fearful ones often believe that practising outdoor sports in winter may cause them to fall ill!

However, if you follow the following wise advice you will be able to go walking, trekking, climbing and cycling safely!

Here are the 3 most common mistakes we make thinking we are protecting ourselves from cold (while having the opposite effect):

  • Wearing cotton items: indeed, cotton t-shirts absorb moisture and get wet, making you feel wet. You’d better avoid this fabric, especially when selecting your base layers.
  • Covering up too much (or too little): it is always advisable not to wear clothes which are too warm or too heavy; on the contrary, wearing multiple light layers made of performance fabrics are recommended. The target, after all, is to protect ourselves from low temperatures and to avoid feeling wet for too long. Add or remove some layers according to your needs, the weather conditions, the kind of sport you are practising and the intensity of the training.
  • Wearing only one layer: thermal apparel shall be made of multiple layers, ideally at least 3. The base layer, the one in contact with your skin, shall be tight fitting, so as to prevent air from leaking in between the layers. The intermediate layer is responsible to keep your body warm, while the external layer is supposed to be rainproof and windproof. All the layers are expected to be moisture wicking and breathable to prevent humidity from accumulating.

Green light for thermal jerseys, pants and fabrics, designed for outdoor sports and which can ensure a perfect fit and maximum freedom of movement.

Find out more about Carvico and Jersey Lomellina outdoor fabrics designed for winter sports.


How to choose your garments for your winter runs and your winter walks 


The ideal apparel for Nordic walking includes an ergonomic thermal two-piece suit designed to ensure your body maximum freedom of movement. Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have launched two fabrics which are especially suitable for Nordic walking: Colorado, a performance fabric made of polyamide, soft and delicate to be worn as a second skin in the form of a warm and comfortable long-sleeved thermal jersey. When it comes to bottoms, instead, we have Vertigo, a wraparound performance fabric which enhances the silhouette, without constraining the body shape and feminine curves.

The garments you wear for your winter runs is also expected to protect you from cold starting from the base layer. In this case, Norway, one of the latest novelties belonging to the 2021 fall-winter collection, is the real must have! Norway is a brushed performance fabric made of Econyl, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn. Its brushing is comfortable in touch with the skin and it ensures the best thermal insulation.


How to choose your winter apparel for outdoor sports: trekking and climbing in winter


Flannel shirts and wool pullovers have long since been the favorites for winter climbing and modern excursionists!

Thermal apparel for mountaineering also follows the same rules listed above: garments are expected to help the body maintain its temperature steady, also preventing cold from getting to the skin and allowing moisture to be expelled.

Climbing requires something stronger and long lasting and Carvico has designed  Revolutional Energy, the heaviest member of the Revolutional™ family for this purpose. Ideal for the creation of leggings, but not only, Revolutional Energy features  efficient shaping properties and can decrease the production of lactic acid thus reducing muscular fatigue and enhancing sport performance.

3D Garzato by Jersey Lomellina was instead conceived for trekking: we are talking about another new entry in the company fall-winter collection, a last generation, soft and wraparound piquet fabric which ensures maximum freedom of movement, extra comfort and extreme breathability.


How to choose your winter apparel for cycling 


Let’s close this overview of  winter sports and performance fabrics by talking about cycling apparel and some solutions which perfectly blend style and performance.

Fabrics for cycling  are Carvico’s crown jewels, and the company knows far too well the requirements of those athletes who are especially keen on riding their bikes: every cyclist’s dream is feeling warm and dry! Cycling must are the so called bib pants. Vuelta is a performance fabric gets brushed to increase its thermal insulation power, thanks to the creation of an exclusive protective cushion. But Artica is perfect, too, especially in really cold weather: bi-elastic and brushed, made of hollow microfilaments ensuring breathability and a consistent thermoregulation process, if guarantees top sport performances.

Find out more about Carvico & Jersey Lomellina fabrics by reading their specifications. Add a list of the fabrics you are interested in to your contact request.

Our team is willing to help you find the fabric which best suits your needs.

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