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Cold weather and some snow at low altitude have characterized the last few days, however, there is someone who has not turned on the heating system, yet.  We are talking about two businesses headquartered in the district of Bergamo, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, two leaders in the textile market, inside whose premises, despite the low temperatures, people have been working in a warm and eco-friendly environment.

Indeed, thanks to their innovative heat recovery system, the thermal energy stemming from their fabrics production cycle  is re-used for heating up the companies premises, thus preventing the use of boilers and reducing their production process environmental impact.

This is another important objective achieved by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, two Green Companies which have been operating by safeguarding the environment and in the respect of our planet, for years now.  Promoting environmental responsibility has always meant, for the two market leaders in the production of warp knitted and circular knitted fabrics, investing in the present to live a better future. In this view, they have been implementing several innovative environmental policies and many sustainability-oriented projects aimed at creating a truly sustainable supply chain,  at contributing to the establishment of  a circular economy model, and at safeguarding their staff and the local communities’ health and the global ecosystem.