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Diego Gugliermetto, the Mad Hatter of Italian design, has chosen Carvico fabrics for his amazing comeback in the world of home décor, featuring the launch of its pop version of sitting poufs: POP POUFF, the padded pouf which lights up.

The textile company, headquartered in the district of Bergamo, market leader in the production of stretch, performance warp knit fabrics, has consolidated its presence in the interior design market thanks to its latest partnership stemming from Carvico fabrics techno-features and their ability to suit the world of art and creativity.

POP POUFF is soft, comfortable, colorful and… bright, thanks to a remotely controlled light which allows users to select the preferred atmosphere.  Unprecedented functions, the comfort of its anatomical structure, an adaptable seat with differentiated load bearing capacity, and a fabulous cover made of a bi-elastic, brushed, high performance by Carvico are this pouf main features.

A tailor-made dress, a soft and safe embrace: Vuelta by Carvico, in its colored, neon and camouflage versions, covers this new “must-have” by Gugliermetto Experience offering softness, compactness, a perfect fit and breathability.

Thanks to Vuelta, POP POUFF cover can be easily removed, washed and re-installed; the cover is soft, delicate and pleasant to the touch, and also pilling resistant so that its features remain unaltered over time even after many washes and an intense use.

On sale from April 2019, also on Amazon, the whole range of products is sold at the same price: € 199,00
Design G-Experience Lab

Product details:  inner anatomical structure made of white, glossy polyethylene, 15 W 220 v led rgb lamp, remote control (batteries included), removable, washable cover, fully recyclable (electronic components included), dimensions: 50 x 50 x h45cm.