Melville: a story written on water

Melville: plastic bottles are turned into fabrics for the creation of  swimwear

Melville, the recycled fabric made by Carvico from plastic bottles turns pollution into new opportunities



Eco-sustainable and innovative, Melville is officially the first recycled P.B.T (polybutylene terephthalate) fabric.

Made of 100% polyester, the new fabric by Carvico boasts 45% polyester from PBT and 55% REPREVE® recycled polyester, a sustainable fiber entirely from post consumer plastic originally employed in the food industry (PET), patented by Uni fi, a company operating in the textile market featuring a modern production plant which processes about 250.000 used bottles every hour.

Such process is aimed at giving a second life to plastic bottles: recovered PET containers are washed, grinded into fragments which are then melted and transformed into chips which are melt again and converted into REPREVE® yarn to be used by Carvico to produce Melville.


Designed for training and competition swimwear, Melville can enhance PET techno-features, perfectly blending comfort and durability, with the added value of a green, sustainable soul.
An absolute novelty and an amazing innovation for the world of training and competition swimwear, Melville is high-tech and high performance and, for the first time ever, also recycled.
Chlorine proof, stretch, UV protective, pilling resistance, fast drying and with a high shape retention power, Melville is ideal for high performance swimwear items designed to last.



Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world: every year 8 million tons of plastic items end up into our oceans, while 10 million new bottles are purchased every minute, which means 16 thousand per second.  We are talking about huge quantities of plastic, only a few of which are actually recycled, while the rest is sent to the landfill and may last up to 700 years.

A global disaster which has alarmed Carvico, a company which, since its early days has been truly committed to safeguard our planet.

Excellent performance and a green soul, Melville is the fabric for competition swimwear sports lovers won’t be able to do without.