The world of lingerie fabrics

The underwear market is possibly the one consumers have the greatest expectations about, in terms of variety of styles, design, models and colors, aimed at ensuring to every body, every silhouette, every life style, the perfect lingerie item. Whether it is a glamorous collection, an active one, or a sexy, romantic one… our lingerie fabrics have to provide a satisfactory response to the demands of both garment makers and women who will wear them.

And we have to remember that there are women who are after the perfect support 24/7, those who like feeling comfy and cuddled by the garments they wear, those who want to buy sexy, intriguing items, those who live an active lifestyle and need sports bras and panties, the romantic spirits and the fashionstas.

Whether they are used for the creation of elegant and stylish sets, seamless panties, bodices, petticoats, refined bustiers, comfortable gowns or homewear garments, Carvico and JL lingerie fabrics will always offer the perfect blend of quality and style.

The excellence of Carvico and Jersey Lomellina underwear fabrics

Comfortable, minimal, sophisticated, breathable, light, hyper feminine… one is spoilt for choice when it comes to the underwear fabrics by Carvico and JL which are available in a wide range of trendy colors. They delicately embrace the silhouette, enhancing it and making the skin feel fresh and pampered.

Moreover customers can choose among different textures: from the most stylish, iridescent ones featuring trendy metal shades, to the underwear fabrics made of smooth and soft microfiber, from the most fashionable 3D effects, to the classic piquet or the more romantic ribbed surfaces. And everything is vital for Carvico and Jersey Lomellina: quality and performance, just like style and elegance.

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Our lingerie fabrics


Piuma Plus by JL: fascinating, matt, feminine, sophisticated, lightweight and comfortable, boasting a “cotton candy” hand feel. Piuma Plus is idea...


Monaco by Carvico: made of micro polyamide, Monaco is characterized by a silky and soft hand feel, and a certified shaping power. Ideal for the creati...


New Seta LYCRA by JL: an ultra-thin fabric with a precious, silky look, featuring a fresh, soft, liquid hand feel wh...


Revolutional™ Slim by Carvico is made of micro-encapsulated NOVAREL® Slim fiber rich in active principles such as caffeine, vitamin E, retinol...


Young Fit Light by JL: made of NOVAREL® Anti-OX micro-encapsulated fiber rich in active principles such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, it helps preventi...


Honey by JL: silky and ultra-light, as soft as a caresse and particularly delicate, it boasts a soft and refined color card. Ultra-thin, breathable an...