Lightweight, comfortable and a perfect fit: our brushed fabrics

26 September 2020  officine_admin 

The origins of brushed fabrics

Brushed fabrics stand out for their softness and comfort, their lightness and slightly open structure. Extremely versatile, they are used in different fields, from fashion to interior design and professional workwear.

Fabric brushing is an old process which may date back to ancient Egypt. At that time, without contemporary machinery, fabrics were brushed with dried thistle flowers which are covered in thorns, or, a san alternative, with porcupine skins.

Thistle flowers bunches were aligned in parallel rows to create a sort of rudimentary brush which were then delicately rubbed on the fabrics so as to lift the fibers and raise a nap which is especially soft and pleasant on the skin.

Nowadays, this process is carried by means of brushing machines equipped with revolving cylinders with wire brushes moving along the weft and warp direction of the fabric. By adjusting the speed of such brushes you obtain different brushing effects. If you want to obtain an extremely soft fabric this treatment may be applied on both sides; on the contrary, if you want to make the brushing thicker, you can dampen the fabric first.

Use of brushed fabrics

Thanks to the brushing process, the fabric surface becomes “hairy” and velvety. The air flow among the fibers increases, and the fabric thermal insulation properties improve. Brushed fabrics are pleasant to the touch and breathable, moisture wicking and perfect for sportswear since they can keep the body humidity and temperature steady.

Absorbing very little water, brushed fabrics are also fast drying and can consequently maintain the body temperature steady thus reducing energy consumption and enhancing sport performance.

Brushed fabrics are used to create womenswear especially for summer collections, such as beach trousers, tops, swimsuits, dresses and blouses, scarves and pashminas; however, they are also used for the production of  medical workwear.

Carvico brushed fabrics

Carvico produces high quality brushed fabrics used by fashion designers and apparel producers especially for sportswear. Let’s check some of them.

For mid-season sportswear, and especially for horse riding apparel, Carvico has created Aosta. An extra soft bonded performance fabric, which stands out for its soft and pleasant brushed surface to be worn in contact with the skin.

For leisure and sportswear items, instead, Carvico has created Colorado which fits the body like a second skin, delicately following every movement, features an exclusive velvety surface and is also UV protective (UPF 50+). Vuelta is a last generation, bi-elastic performance fabric, which, being extremely breathable and boasting an anti-bacteria treatment, is highly moisture wicking and prevents bacteria from spreading generating bad smell.  Thanks to the brushing process it undergoes, it also boasts excellent thermal insulation power.

Among the eco-friendly brushed fabrics designers and fashion brands can find Vita Suede a sustainable performance fabric made of ECONYL® regenerated polyamide yarn. It is matt and warm, similar to natural fibers, with an exclusive suede effect. Soft, strong and stylish, it is ideal for  fashionable activewear items to be worn also outside the gym or for trendy sportswear garment with a vintage look reminding to the ’80s. Norway is also a brushed ECO performance fabric made of Econyl 100% regenerated polyamide from pre and post consumer waste materials. It features a soft and pleasant brushed surface and offers full thermal insulation. Thanks to the natural thermal exchange between the body and the external environment, moisture evaporates and the fabric dries fast. In addition, it is pilling and abrasions resistant, UV protective and anti-bacteria.

Artica is the best fabric for the creation of high performance sportswear items. Brushed, bi-elastic, and anti-bacteria, it is made of hollow micro-filaments which ensure excellent thermal insulation. With amazing moisture management properties, it is also UV protective ( UPF 50+ ), breathable, pilling and abrasions resistant, soft and keeps the body temperature steady.

Finally,  Dolomiti is the most suitable brushed fabric for printing. Soft and comfy, it also ensures a perfect fit.  Anti-pilling, it protects the skin from UV rays (  UPF 50 ) and, being breathable, it keeps the body dry and its temperature steady.

Brushed fabrics advantages and qualities

By using brushed fabrics you will produce soft and long-lasting garments. Compared to other fabrics they:

  • Are extra lightweight but strong
  • Are extremely soft to the touch
  • Are breathable and moisture wicking
  • Are pleasant when worn in direct contact with the skin which stays dry and cool
  • Are versatile and can be used in very diverse sectors

Now, you just have to choose your favorites among the various fabrics which Carvico has created for you with its traditional creativity and professionalism.

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