Carvico’s furnishing fabrics are bound to be the next big thing when it comes to exploiting the emotional side of technology, in our living rooms as well as in our gardens, thanks to their rich, surprising tactile effects, and their ability to perfectly blend technical features and a fashionable look. Highly elastic and featuring exclusive technical surfaces, our fabrics have been designed to tell fascinating stories, relying on a high technological content, which is never openly exhibited, and a timeless style.

They are the ideal choice for International interior designers, buyers and trendsetters wishing to express different life styles through the use of high performance materials and thrilling nuances. Perfect, static, lifeless cover rooms are no longer fashionable; it is now time to introduce more dynamic ideas, a new concept of space seen as liquid and ever-changing, new colors filling such space with energy and elegance. Carvico bi-elastic furnishing fabrics suit this new dynamicity perfectly, allowing designers to create smart, multi-functional and convertible solutions.

Thanks to our fabrics you will be able to change the slipcover of any of your furniture pieces every day. Sofas, armchairs, poufs… can live a new life undergoing a restyling with contemporary colors and unexpected surfaces. Since, as you know, a glamorous combination of pieces and nuances can contribute significantly to enhancing a room; and if you can customize it, creativity becomes limitless. We are talking about a series of extremely versatile and easy-to-use upholstery fabrics, such as stretch jersey, perfect to conceive personalized layouts characterized by a few elements with a bold and impressive effect aimed at making every room a world on its own. Our high-end performance furnishing fabrics can turn their techno-features into trendy shapes, allowing you to create your own personal style with elegance, taking advantage of our undisputed quality.

The future of furniture fabrics by Carvico

The key words of the house of the future by Carvico:

  • innovation
  • bi-elasticity
  • easy care
  • customization
  • color color color
  • eco-friendliness

The fabrics for forniture by Carvico offer various possibilities for interior design and, thanks to their high tech performance and amazing aesthetical appeal, they are ideal both for indoor applications and semi indoor ones, such as SPAs, and wellness centers. Elasticity and hyper-technological textures have been conceived to satisfy the needs of international interior designersbuyers and trendsetter wishing to express their creativity and tell about different lifestyles through high performance materials, countless colors and limitless printed patterns.

Carvico makes furniture and interior design even more special thanks to its bi-elastic furniture fabrics perfectly blending versatility and performance, quality, look and performance.  Inspired to the new trends in interior designs, the innovative furnishing fabrics by Carvico are pilling resistant and feature a high shape recovery power even after many washes. Their exclusive construction makes them absolutely non see-through and ultra-flat. Moreover, they are renowned for their undisputed quality. Bold and beautiful, they are also comfortable and safe, as certified by several international tests, even when matched with fireproof padding of polyurethane of different thickness.

We can boast a wide range of colors, including several fascinating solid colors and a selection of eclectic printed patters, designed to satisfy the requirements of both the most classic and the most contemporary customers, and to make all our solutions even more personal; furthermore, we can also offer bespoke colors and patters. Carvico’s furniture fabrics will give your house that extra, classy touch. Glossy or matt, discreet and refined, bold and bright, with velvety or smooth surfaces (similar to suède),they look amazing when used to cover large surfaces for those who are not afraid to dare experimenting with shapes and shades.

Our furniture fabrics have been designed to satisfy the demand of international designers who are always eager to find the latest novelties on the market. The offer is huge, versatility is limitless both when it comes to interior and exterior design. Fabrics by Carvico are also suitable to be used to embellish the furniture of gardens, terraces and balconies, and to be in contact with nature, thanks to their eco-friendly spirit: in our collection you will also find several high quality, sustainable fabrics made of regenerated polyamide derived from pre and post consumer waste materials which, after they have reached the end of their useful life (such as ghost fishing nets, carpet fluff, tulle etc.), instead of ending up in a landfill, are recovered and regenerated through a complex chemical-physical process to be finally transformed into ECONYL® yarn.

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