Fabrics for sofas: how to choose them?

7 July 2021  officine_admin 

how to choose the fabric of your sofaSofas are not just pieces of furniture, on the contrary they are the core elements of our living rooms where all conversations, entertainment events and relax take place. The sofa is every household beating heart, it makes us feel comfortable while reading a book or watching a movie, it cuddles us when we feel like hanging out with family and friends.

Therefore, when selecting the furniture for our living room, whether we are starting from scratch or carrying out some restoration works, one of the most challenging questions is  how can we choose the right fabric for our sofa?

 Choosing the right fabric for our sofa is crucial and is affected by the type of use we intend to make of it. Functionality and appearance are both key factors to be taken into consideration when selecting the fabric for our sofa.


How to choose a sofa to suit our interior design style 


This is another matter to be investigated in order to avoid buying a sofa contrasting with the rest of our furniture. As a rule, contemporary fabric upholstered sofas should display neutral colors or, on the contrary,  bold, surprising shades.  In a typical countryside setting, instead, classic sofas fabrics should display warm shades, whereas the whole range of beige nuances is perfect for shabby-chic items.

Sizes, along with the height of the living room or the quantity of natural light pouring into the room are also to be taken into consideration. A wide living area may boast several sofas with bright colors but if the room is small, we’d better choose light colors to avoid a shrinking optical effect. If there is a lot of light and windows are large, we can go for a dark sofa, while in a darker room a light colored fabric will be preferable since it will contribute to reflect the little light available  making the room look larger.

And again, how shall we choose the color of our sofa? Blue is a favorite, since it reminds to the sea and the sky and stands for harmony and balance, thus being especially relaxing. Red, yellow and orange are ideal to make your living room look cozy and are a perfect match for white and grey ornaments. Flower prints on damask fabrics for sofas look romantic while striped fabrics give rooms an extra touch of originality!


Which types of fabrics to choose for a sofa


While choosing a sofa, color is not the only element to be selected: materials are important, too.

The offering of fabrics for sofas is really wide: leather, faux leather, imitation leather and natural or synthetic fabrics such as  linen, cotton and canvas. How can we avoid getting lost in this mare magnum of opportunities and find the best fabric for sofas?

In the next paragraphs we will tell you about the best performance fabrics for furniture and design by Carvico which, inspired by the latest trends, perfectly blend style and functionality, quality and Made in Italy excellence.

Extremely versatile and adaptable, practical and comfortable, easy to remove, easy to wash and fast drying, anti pilling and non-deformable, they are the perfect mix of quality, beauty and functionality.


What is the most resistant fabric for sofas


Carvico has redefined the idea of comfort and the rules of contemporary design through its Lifestyle collection. Let’s find out together the trends which have inspired these fabrics for interior design:

Island City – Rational Habits

Eco-sustainability intended as the paradigm of  redevelopment now focused on new eco-friendly targets: when redesigning private spaces, a lot of care is taken in searching for new sensory experiences  deriving from surfaces and the transformation of furniture items which start playing an active and variable role in everyday activities. Sheer beauty is replaced by usefulness and create new household scenarios. Vita is made of ECONYL®, a Nylon yarn regenerated from waste materials which, once at the end of their useful life, instead of being disposed of, are recovered and regenerated. Featuring a matte surface, Vita is hyper-resistant, thin and elegant, and is available in a wide range of colors.

Made in Home – A need for self-expression

Self-expression, materials and a liberating feeling. Objects use a new language made of style, joy and warmth. A strong need for communication takes over cities, creative freedom translates into passionate, bold but extremely harmonious palettes rich in primeval colors. Panama is the perfect interpreter of a trendy and fashionable style, for the creation of elegant and bold and original settings. Panama is a smooth, glossy and bright velvet, which, depending on light reflexes, may look iridescent and refined. Aldabra is more rock, surprising, charming: another velvet but wrinkled, it comes with an  intense and irresistible colors card, enhancing its natural glow.

Totem Home – Spiritual Habits

 We have been experiencing a greater longing for simplicity and purity: rituals and time take on a new value. “My Home is My Sanctuary” slogan affects the very concept of home which turns from the place where to regenerate and rest into a sanctuary of permanence and meditation. A space devoted to a new, domestic art of living, where light and formal neatness are crucial to expand our mental and visual space. The color palette is warm, ton-sur-ton, matte nuances alternate with granite-like effects. Alabama discreet and elegant look makes it extremely pleasant to the touch and suede like. Sumatra is the evergreen of the collection: a well-balanced mix of comfort and versatility, offering a wide range of solutions adapting to different needs, styles and environments.


Where to buy fabrics for sofas


For over 50 years, Carvico, the global leader in the production of warp knitted fabrics has always been able to satisfy the needs of both Italian and international interior designers, buyers and trendsetters wishing to express their creativity and tell about different life styles through high performance materials.

Carvico Lifestyle fabrics for furniture are no exception: high performance and high tech, they enhance shapes and volumes and have been created especially for interior design. Do not hesitate to contact us for further info!


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