Fabrics for interior design and furniture: Carvico offers its vision.

9 September 2019  officine_admin 

tessuti per arredamentoThe Design Week, which every year transforms Milan in a magnet for designers, creators, creative people and visitors coming from all over the world, is, for sure, one of the most innovative creative labs for interior design.  The event has always boasted a double-faced nature: on the one hand, the most institutional Salone del Mobile and on the other the more multi-faceted Fuorisalone. However, thinking it could be focused on furniture only, would be a serious misunderstanding.

The “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” has, indeed, become one of the most important events for the definition of new trends in society, fashion and art, and the not-to-be-missed gathering for the operators of the interior design sector boating over 2.350 exhibitors and a covered surface of over 205.000 square meters. The 2019 edition has been characterized by the introduction of a new key word: “wit”, i.e. a certain genius in doing and thinking, and the ability to experiment unprecedented solutions while  thinking out of the box.

Creativity and experimentins have also characterized the Fuorisalone, an event which has recently become as famous as its “older brother”; being managed by different institutional bodies, its exhibitors are located in different neighborhoods, the so-called  “design district”: the historical area of Tortona, for instance, or the futuristic Isola, with its Unicredit skyscraper and the Bosco Verticale symbolically towering over its streets.

Carvico: when genius translates into fabrics for interior design

The two events of the Milano Design Week jointly constitute a complete display of the state of the art of present and future design: the experience of big brands and the experimental spirit of new creative people. Tradition meets innovation, like in the fabrics by  Carvico, including its fabrics for interior design.

The quality of fabrics for furniture by Carvico satisfies the requirements of design professionals, who always live the Milan Design week as one of the most important events of  the year. We are talking about a collection of  high-tech fabrics in a wide range of fascinating nuances which are not only a complements to furniture pieces, but the extra touch which gives them strength and personality.

The fabrics for sofas,  for instance, whose palette allows for countless customizations, are extremely versatile, and can elegantly adapt to the structure, while, at the same time, adding precious details and a pleasant hand feel.

Fabrics, reinterpreted by young designers,  are applied in new, unprecedented ways: not only as simple covers, but as independent design elements. The key word is re-inventing. Alone or integrated into lighting components, they become the stars of art installations, transforming space and interacting with the surrounding environment. This is feasible thanks to the research into fabrics for furniture, which has led to the creation of high quality, high performance fabrics which, like never before, can be put together to play  and experiment.  Fabrics for interior design by Carvico are a natural choice when it come sto experimenting thanks to their wide color range, their versatility and high-tech spirit; but also for their variety: solid colors with a strong personality mix with original printed patterns perfectly blending a classic nature and contemporary dynamicity.

Carvico expertise and research into textiles at the service of interior design

Carvico has always been good at reading design trends and has consequently launched  its Lifestyle collection, entirely dedicated to the world of furniture and interior design, conceived to create new tools for the customization of rooms and ornaments. Innovative and original, this collection features countless nuances, 3D textures and compact and hyper resistant surfaces; the versatile fabrics comprised in the collection are ideal for covering furniture elements of any shapes.

The key element behind such versatility is the bi-elasticity which characterizes all the fabrics for furniture by Carvico and makes them the perfect mix of  functionality and beauty, thus extremely adaptable and fluid. Bi-elastic fabrics are actually the favorite choice of all designers thanks to their ability to blend with surfaces and materials ensuring the maximum level of customization without additional elements. These fabrics put together technological innovation and classic elegance, the typical features of Made in Italy products.

The fabrics of the future? Quality, performance, sustainability

It is no coincidence that environmental sustainability was actually one of the main focuses of Milano Design Week 2019. Several events of the Fuorisalone were devoted to eco-sustainability and environmental responsibility. The 2019 edition has reinforced the idea that we cannot talk about the future of design without rethinking the relationship between man and the environment, providing some new solutions for ensuring a future to the planet.

That is why Carvico has been developing a collection of eco-sustainable fabrics for any applications, from fashion to interior design, for many years now. All such fabrics are made of Econyl®, a 100% regenerated polyamide yarn from pre and post consumer waste materials such as ghost fishing nets, carpet fluff and tulle, which, at the end of their useful life, instead of ending up in a landfill, are recovered, cleaned and reused to produce a new yarn.

A selection of  performance fabrics such as Revolutional® Eco, Xlance Eco and the whole Vita family which can offer the same properties and qualities as those made of virgin polyamide, and comply with the same quality, safety and performance standards. All these products have immediately become really successful both with designers and creative people of the last generations, thanks to their flexibility, quality, and low impact.  Fashion and the environment are grateful for this. 

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