Cycling sets: the perfect blend of style and functionality

11 January 2021  officine_admin 

Soft shorts, a colorful t-shirt and a bike at my side. This is how cycling started. With not great expectations, no high tech gear but a lot of passion.  What were the essentials? A road bike and unconditional love for the two wheels.

Thanks to its extraordinary “normality”, this sport ( born in the middle of the XIX century ) has spread all over the world in the blink of an eye.

While it was taking hold, it also started to become more and more complex, under different points of view. In its early days there were no real cycling sets. Cyclists used to wear what were generally defined as sportswear garments, which were not specific for that sport.  People followed the trend of the moment.

It was only during the second World War that this sport started to set a new idea of style. Thanks to inspirations coming from other sectors, a new market dedicated to cycling apparel was born, featuring innovative details which have made this discipline what we know today.

Tight fitting jerseys and shorts and new styles. With the passing of time, cycling sets have become more and more close-fitting.

Designers have started experimenting new models, materials and colors researching into the perfect blend of style and functionality. It was about time performance was improved as well and garments became more durable, comfortable, safe and professional.

And here we are today. Cycling apparel has been perfected, and new, more efficient materials have been developed to enable athletes to practise this sport under any weather conditions. The target is protecting cyclists and ensure safety.

Winter gear includes long sleeved jerseys and padded, stretch pants made of insulating fabric so as the body temperature can remain steady even in the coldest days. Summer sets, instead,  are short, stretch and breathable

Carvico fabrics have established the benchmark in terms of both style and functionality: they are innovative and high tech, designed to enhance and improve every cyclist’s performance .

Vuelta, an innovative, bi-elastic, breathable performance fabric, is one of the classics for cycling.  Its soft brushing is especially pleasant when in contact with the skin. It is the ideal fabric for the most challenging cardio sports  when you need the correct thermal exchange between the body and the environment so that sweat can evaporate. Garments made of Vuelta are easy-care, pilling and abrasions resistant and durable, and can be washed many times without getting worn out.  Vuelta is also bacteriostatic and it prevents bacteria from spreading and causing bad smell.

Norway is also suitable for cycling, being brushed and Eco-friendly, made of  Econyl, a 100% regenerated yarn from pre and post consumer waste materials. It is highly breathable and its soft brushing ensures the perfect insulation and the correct thermal exchange between the body and the environment so that the fabric is particularly moisture wicking and fast drying . Thanks to an innovative bacteriostatic treatment, Norway can also stop bacteria from spreading generating bad smell, and it i salso  pilling and abrasions resistant and UV protective.

Today’s cycling apparel has been inspired by the romantic spirit which characterized this sport at its origins, “we are racing, no matter what”’, and has  implemented it by making it more professional. This mean offering cyclists items enhancing their skills, making them feel free to ride because this was a sport for pioneers driven by their thirst for life.

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