Cycling gear: guidelines for all Seasons

6 September 2019  officine_admin 

The importance of using high performance fabrics and garments when riding our bicycle

The historical rivalry between Coppi and Bartali. The excitement preceding the most important competitions. The desire to whizz on the two wheels – without too many cars around – in contact with nature. Cycling triggers different feelings, to be experienced with passion and intensity. But to be good at it, feelings and talent are not enough. 

Athletes riding their race bikes or their mountain bikes need the best possible high-tech gear, enhancing the strength and performance.

Thinking that race bikes and mountain bikes may be the same is clearly a mistake. Race bikes are more suitable for on-road long rides. Mountain bikes, instead, are also suitable for off road routes, into the wild.

Therefore, the mtb or racing apparel, to be changed according to the season, is crucial for the riding experience as well as fabrics. This article explains you why.

Winter cycling apparel, the possible solutions

Winter cycling apparel: how can you find the best solution? Let’s try to understand which cycling garments for men and women to wear in winter, both when riding our mountain bikes and our racing bikes.

We may think that the more garments we wear, the warmer we will be. But it is not so: too many layers would prevent our skin from breathing. If our skin cannot breathe, sweat gets trapped and we feel colder. It is therefore advisable to select high quality performance garments.

However, when temperatures are low, it is crucial to protect our body: we can start from cycling underwear, including long-sleeved base layers featuring a front panel made of performance fabrics. On top of them, we’d better wear a cycling  vest made of fabrics which can defend the most sensitive areas of our body – like our chest – from the cold.

When it comes to protecting our legs, the boldest ones will be wearing cycling shorts on top of long or cropped leg warmers whereas those who don’t like defying the harsh climate will go for cycling tights or trousers.

And if our hands are safe when covered by suitable cycling gloves with thermal padding, our feet – one of the most sensitive parts of our body – will ask for a pair of breathable thermal socks.

Cycling in summer: cycling outfit and relaxing adventures

The cycling apparel changes when summer comes since a complete cycling outfit is ideal in that season: a stretch, short-sleeved cycling t-shirt and shorts are perfect. Anyway, summer does not equal not having to face sudden temperature changes: thus, it is always advisable to wear a moisture wicking underwear vest, to prevent the negative effects of the accumulation of moisture on the skin.

Shorts must also be breathable and moisture wicking, possibly made of fast drying fabrics. Professionals will choose tight-fitting models for their functionality; loose, baggy models are instead more suitable for mtb lovers and their wild rides.

Vita and Revolutional, the cycling fabrics by Carvico

Carvico’s response to the demand for products devoted to professionals and amateur cyclists has been the creation of two families of fabrics designed to satisfy their special requirements.

The first is Vita, a sustainable, hyper resistant, elegant, stretch, soft and moisture wicking performance fabric (link a articolo tessuti eco), made of ECONYL® regenerated polyamide produced by Aquafil SpA and derived from pre and post consumers waste materials, such as ghost fishing nets, tulle and carpet fluff.

Vita Power, one of the fabrics of this family, is compact, soft, breathable and made of regenerated polyamide, and it ensures the perfect muscular compression aimed at reducing the production of lactic acid. Perfect to blend comfort and high performance.

The other family of fabrics by Carvico suitable for cycling is the Revolutional™ one: a collection of ultra-light, ultra fine fabrics ensuring a perfect fit.

One of Revolutional™ most interesting features is its ability to fit the body like a second skin. Resistant to tear and wear, cyclists love it because it is fast drying and extremely moisture wicking: two fundamental characteristics all over the year.

Revolutional™ boasts two different International patents, one for its innovative structure and one for its production process. 

This fabric also exists in a sustainable version, Revolutional™ Eco, made of ECONYL®. Adaptable and tight-fitting,  Revolutional™ Eco is resistant to abrasions, breathable and blends a passion for sport and a “green” soul.

Revolutional™ Energy is another fabric  belonging to this family, supporting athletes during the most challenging rides on their race bikes. Its most interesting feature is its modulus: it offers the perfect muscular compression thus reducing the production of lactic acid. 

For Carvico, this range of fabrics for cycling are part of a wide collection of products which are respectful of the environment, high performance, high quality and innovative, designed to inspire outstanding sport performance.

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