Research & Development


Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have always considered research and fabric development as a strategic asset, requiring significant investments, and has turned it into the flagship of its business. In 2010, as a confirmation of their ability to look beyond the present boundaries and anticipate market trends, Carvico and JL opened their new R&D Centre, a “business within the business”, equipped with modern knitting, dyeing and quality control installations, where all processing stages can be dealt with. The Centre operates utterly independently from the production. It has got its own trial jobs and it actively plans and develops different projects while optimizing costs and time.

Being fully equipped with cutting edge technologies and machinery, Carvico and JL R&D Centre can carry out various tests using small quantities of raw materials. Thanks to its competitiveness the centre has been working in close cooperation with suppliers, on a partnership basis, to promote the development of new products. At the heart of the R&D Centre are the most advanced installations and equipment in the textile industry which enable the local staff to promptly carry out several, different types of tests on the new ideas emerging on the market, starting from the yarns right through to the finishing products. The Centre is also equipped with a very modern analysis lab. The state-of-the-art instruments make it possible to analyze finished fabrics and immediately assess their technical properties. Among the different machines available, we can boast the use of a Chlorine resistance machine, one of the few in the world, which can test fabrics chlorine resistance and its loss of elasticity over time.