2021 Fabrics trends

30 March 2021  Chiara Ternullo 

fabrics-trend-2021Luckily, fashion trends never end up in a lockdown. Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are very well aware of this and, thanks to their R&D Centre, opened in 2010, truly believe being able to see beyond the current problems and anticipate future trends is a crucial skill for market leaders. 

Fashion never stops, not even in case of a global pandemic, and even over the past year it has proven its unique ability to reinvent itself. That is why the new 2021 fabrics trends have taken on a special value since they represent a breaking point between past and future. Fashion is being reborn thanks to new colors enabling us to do the same.

The S/S 2021 fashion trends embody everybody’s willingness to dress up with joy, to put on some new, fresh, original clothes. After long months spent at home wearing comfy leisurewear items, it is time we opened our wardrobes to make room for new colors and sensuality.


2021 fashion trends: inspiration by Carvico and JL


Fashion trends do not have random origins but they stem from a thorough study of what surrounds us. Fashion often hints at history by reinterpreting it and adapting it to contemporaneity. Colors and fabrics can make old times relive and shade a futuristic light onto old stories. 

This is how the so-called urban style was generated, with its blend of urban items and classic patterns and volumes, plain colors and neon shades. CHIAROscuro is the mood we have designed thinking about people who love living in big cities, which reproduces urban geometries such, as the typical industrial skyline translating them into neat and strong cuts. 

China is the reference country, the silk way is of an inspiration for the Western world, since it puts together tradition and modernity, translating the tai chi and the other martial arts moves into contemporary lines and shapes. SUNrise, the Chinese vibe is the new concept of beauty which appeals to Millenials, thanks to its bold colors and matches.  

Skaters become the new models for youth culture, a new urban poetry characterized by a willingness to socialize and share experiences. SKATEclusive mixes vintage tones and neon colors for fabrics. How can you match neon shades? By freely matching different elements expressing your personality, a new life style.

Time is a relative concept, fashion draws inspiration from the style and beauty concept of the past. WORKout, focuses on the ‘80 style its creativity and freedom from all sorts of boundaries. The 80s featured multi-layers outfits with several matching accessories.

Last but not least, a mood talking about water, with an unprecedented social and ethical spirit.  All 2021 summer trends refer to water, even though, for this season, we are not going to see any exotic paradise and crystal clear oceans: CLEARwaters talks about a sea which is asking for help and must stay clean and uncontaminated. We can find crochet Beachwear and dresses, with precious flowery details and a good mix of vintage and contemporary, techno-features and luxury, environmentally committed and delicate.


2021 color trends: pastel and neon shades


Moving on we can see how 2021 fashion trends introduce both natural pastel shades and exciting neon palettes to make the seasonal colors brighter and bolder. 2021 trendy colors are almost contrasting, with a comeback of black & white minimalism and several brighter nuances expressing a longing for happiness and joy! 

We can find evidence of this also in 2021 Pantone selection: Giallo Illuminating e Ultimate Grey. The light of hope lights up the future and while a solid rock offers a refuge to hold on to. A color marriage mirroring our time.

Then, what are the S/S 2021 color which have inspired Carvico and Jersey Lomellina color cards? Orange is the new must-have; cardinal red, intense and bright; and pastel shades such as candy pink, lilac-wisteria, baby blue; neutral green, a passepartout; lime for the most daring personalities; and optical white total looks.


S/S 2021 fabrics trends: performance garments and flower prints


Sporty attitude and second skin, these are the latest summer 2021 trends coming from virtual fashion shows. 3D surfaces and crochet are the 2021 trendiest structures for fabrics, a comeback of textured fabrics.
Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have also worked to produce some new fabrics which are bound to become seriously iconic! 

Carvico has launched Ibiza, a bi-elastic, embossed fabric with a 3D look, designed to adapt and enhance every silhouette. Ibiza’s name reminds of the youthful spirit of the Spanish island, but this fabric also has a more refined. vintage soul. Ideal for beachwear, it is meant to satisfy the needs of both the youngest and the most mature women. 

Jersey Lomellina has instead launched 3D, an ultra-thin, textured fabric, which stands out for its versatility: suitable for beachwear, sportswear and l’outerwear, it is soft and pleasant to the touch, breathable and UV protective ( UPF 50+ ). 

Bristol and Brighton by JL, are instead ribbed and feature a special structure which makes them breathable and moisture wicking, cool and comfortable on the skin. Bristol is minimal and compact, a real must have for athleisure or beachwear top items; Brighton is more sophisticated, glossy and with a special glow, it is ideal for high end items. 

Among Jersey Lomellina textured fabrics belonging to the 2021 fabrics trends, we can find those belonging to the Renew family – more specifically, Folk, Rock and Wave – the family of eco-sustainable fabrics made of ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated Nylon yarn from pre and post-consumer waste materials. We have already discussed Carvico and JL commitment to sustainable fabrics in another article which can be found here.

Fabrics and colors are the absolute protagonists of the article concerning the 2021 fashion trends identified by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina. To find out mroe about all the fabrics in their collection and the related color cards, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to tell you more about our fabrics and make you touch them with your hands. 


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