Jersey Lomellina

Research & Development

Investing today for a better future: Carvico and JL have made a brave and unconventional choice which goes against the tide in these days and age when companies seek immediate profits with no long-term effects on the overall quality of their products.
A concrete and rational vision which is, at the same time, deeply optimistic and has led to relevant investments in the research and development area and to the consequent opening in  2010 of the R&D Centre, a company inside the company, including all the production processes.

Innovating to be a leader

Fully independent, the R&D Centre aims both at carrying out tests which enable us to ensure Carvico and JL’s products quality remains the same over time and at promptly assessing, by means of the cutting-edge equipment the department can rely on, all the latest novelties available on the market in terms of yarns and processes. Furthermore, the centre operates by optimizing the use of raw materials with the view to cutting down on costs.

A technological gem stemming from the work of Carvico and JL’s engineers and technicians who have also designed and developed a Chlorine resistance machine, one of the three machines of this kind currently available on the global market, which can test fabrics chlorine resistance and their consequent loss of elasticity over time.